Next Stop: Brave New World: THE WEEK AHEAD, March 15-21

And so it is, that the end of the astrological year is nigh. By the end of this week, the SUN finally leaves Pisces and reaches the all-critical Aries Equinox. The Aries Point is the Cardinal reset moment when day and night are of equal length. We set our watches, both inner and outer, for a switch in routine and a much-anticipated change up. Something crucial happens at these equinoxes and solstices. These Cardinal points are decisive moments that shift our gears on to the next level.

In the remaining few days, the now-Neptunified Pisces SUN guarantees (like only the Sun can) that the hypersensitised ego has fully dissolved, exposing nothing but the refined soul who is ready to be incarnated into its new, 2021 form.

Are you ready for a full spiritual upgrade?
What does this mean for you?

The Sun’s 00°♈00′ position on March 20, 2021, marks the true commencement of the year ahead and looking at the forthcoming transits it pairs up with 2020 as the most transformative year we ‘beings’ are yet to experience on this planet. Of course, I will be looking at the forecast in greater detail with my tribe.

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Of course the week ahead is frought with more tension and irritability, especially in relationships, as Venus follows the Sun over the Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Unless big, sociodynamic changes are introduced in a more pleasant, PC way, they will lead to further unrest, separation and, to use the ‘trending’ word of 2021 ‘CANCEL-ation’. Yes, something about the abrupt effect of the Saturn/Uranus square means that the stress betwen the old and new leads to a distinct departure from traditions and systems that are neither acceptable nor applicable to present-tense requirements.

A Plutonian sextile to both the Sun and Venus, who will travel together (as one) until the end of this month, ensures that all the fateful undercurrents that run through the purpose of our ‘being together’ are brought to light (to some degree). We must understand that our relative position to one another is not and was never just an ‘accident’. Both present and historical relationships (no matter how distant in the past) seek to be resolved. Until the traumas of the past and current power-dynamics are not cleared and brought into better balance, the psychosis will continue to haunt and disturb our equilibrium and composure. With Pluto, something largely invisible is eating away at us and unless we gain mastery and power over it, it will continue to corrupt and corrode until it turns us into nothing. Pluto’s catalytic effect is both sinister and divine, and we are best to look into its powerful influence to transform us and work with it.

Of course, we’re not all turning into nothings – some of us are really turning into somethings. The rapid metamorphosing of the human race poses a significant transformational crisis in what will sooner rather than later be considered as the neo-global citizen, but it’s not what you think and who you might imagine it to be or why.

Tremendous twists and turns at every juncture, as if Kafka spoke to Orwell and they both agreed that Huxley maybe was indeed a little closer to the mark – that it’s not so much that folks are forcibly cajoled into coercion by a ‘ruling minority’ as such but that they’re willing to become pliant – subtly unaware of their own subservience and just how much they’re happy and willing to accept it.

[photograph bert hardy, 1950 down the bay]

As Huxley said himself:…the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by hoaxing people into loving their servitude as can be by flogging and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World.” … which basically suggests that it’s easier to keep a population from dissenting against their ruling oligarchs if you gaslight them into a belief that they are in danger of being sick and though there’s nothing wrong that you have the drug (he called it “soma”) that was universally deployed to keep the people in ‘loving their servitude’ to the state.

Yet, when you wake up in a surreal world – one where all your habit patterns; all your plans; your dreams; the whole damned way in which you had configured your life begins not to just to fall to pieces almost overnight, but when you find yourself against a force that does not lend itself to the way you had previously ever designed your world to be, then is the only recourse not to get a little wild?

Naturally, you may be just a little tempted to rail desperately against all of this, with all of your faculties and all of your devices; with whatever you got, but of course, as Snowden, Assange, Navalny and Kashogi might have told us long ago(and you know it), you don’t stand a chance. The only real chance, and I hinted at this in our latest bus video, is to tune in by tuning out (or is it tuning out by tuning in… I forget).

In any case, I will be back again real soon, just to remind you until somebody cancels me (probably you)…

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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One comment

  1. That had a lot of very intuitive and aligned information. With absolutely no hope. What the fuck? You want to keep it real, this is the lot that has unfolded. What are you doing, ( besides stating the obvious) to transform the situation. If not for you, then for future generations.
    We must, not just accept there is a problem, but know that we must take conscious action, to be the change we wish to see.
    Give some solutions ( or at least be willing to look for them. That is called faith. Not blind faith, but active faith).
    Your site has brought great beauty to my being in the past. But this post just continued to harp on the problem .
    If we take anything from nature’s example, it should be the journey of the caterpillar.
    Who grows weary and can walk no further, so nesseles in to the safety he’s capable of creating.
    He lets go of that which has tied him to a life that limited.
    And blackness surrounds. Shut of and isolated, it practices faith. The belief, that regardless of how the road turns, it is beauty and love, that will ultimately become.
    Then, the painful transition to a complete unfolding, begins. And we work with rigorous intention to better it for all.
    Ultimately, a crack in the foundation of all the darkness is in sight, and we bloom.
    Into what we always knew we were capable of.
    The beauty, perfect imperfection, of a broadening life.
    One where it is not just about us.
    It is about spreading the seeds of life.
    Joy, love, freedom, to all who witness our flight.
    And once again, we claim our space, in the existence of evolution.

    Now you may take examples from Huxley.
    But his. Purpose was that of the natural laws . Resembling that of the butterfly.
    He warned of actions to come. Let us know, that his righting was a love story. Not one of pure doom and gloom.
    It was about ( in its very making) going out of self, and aiding the plight of humanity.

    So you may keep the doom and gloom you so happily focus on in this article.
    I for one, will continue to look for the solutions.
    To not just awaking, but assist once awoke.
    So one is not just left in confusion.
    But becomes part, of the growth of creation.

    I apologise if that comes out harsh.
    But it’s time we stop focusing on only the drama.
    The world owes us nothing!
    We owe each other the world!!!
    So stop perpetuating fear. Wether it’s to gain readers, or simply because you yourself are engulfed within it, it is not enlightening, nor the whole of truth.
    It is fear based action.
    That, can not ever, serve you well.
    Practice faith.
    Look for solutions.
    Never, let the beauty you posses, be overridden, by that which has yet to fully bloom.
    Live in this present. Even if it’s not the gift you always hoped for.
    Someone ( thing, life, god, nature, humanity, etc) loves you enough to grant you with more then you had.
    Rejoice. Repurpose if you can not use directly. And by all means, give back.
    That, is how we find a future.
    I know, deep down that resonates beyond your judgment and fears.
    Now practice feeding that. And no longer feed that which repressed it in the first place.
    Then you become strong enough to shine.
    From there, you give the light needed, for others ( and yourself )
    To find your way home.

    That is the way of a true warrior. That is the flight of the butterfly.

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