Between the Ridiculous and the Sublime… THE WEEK AHEAD: Feb 22-28

The Sun now moves away from all the hubbub in Aquarius, and by Thursday is joined by Venus in the nebulous, ego-dissolving Pisces. In the next few weeks, the subliminal ‘slide-away’ sensations that permeate our consciousness will be enough to throw much serious matter into disarray. Under the powerful dissolution of a Pisces Sun, we must learn to relinquish anything that ceases to serve our higher purpose here on earth, let go of the silly misconceptions and half-truths and find a point of resonance with the highest possible essence of ourselves. The risk of becoming swallowed wholesale into the abyss of mental confusion and ego disorientation is great during this period, for there are forces that seek to weaken the individual will and to dissipate its identification with and connection to the past.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is again direct after three weeks of retrograde. Significantly in Aquarius, Mercury’s extended stay in the constellation of the Water Bearer has been a heralding trumpet for the New Age, introducing and reiterating the progressive shifts in technologies, medicines, networking, social reform ideas and matters of inequity. Much is developing on this front since the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn at 00°♒29′ two months ago. Mercury’s buzzing back and forth between the two gas giants over these past weeks is instrumental in delivering the new reforms and regulations. The triple conjunction is magnificent to see in the pre-dawn rise, announcing the coming of a new intersubjective reality.

In a world where sweeping changes and reforms seem almost impossible to fathom, let alone keep up with and fully integrate into our lives, the conscious individual is reminded to maintain focus on the main purpose of his/her spiritual journey here. We are, at our core, pure intelligence. Our task during ‘the human experience’ is to rise beyond the petty squabbles that divide us in this grim, lower illusion of limitation and scarcity, to transcend from the world of suffering and fear by using all the knowledge and insight afforded to us by the heavens.

With Saturn and Jupiter in his wake, the luminescent Pisces Sun expresses a little apprehension (if not some naivety) for the dubious relationship between government and big business trying to inject sweeping new regulations into our supply networks. Behind them is always Pluto, and the collective quest to administer equality and fairness for all seems driven by a hidden, supernatural motive to amass tremendous power. Hence, the Sun in Pisces showers us with a lighted capacity to learn from past experiences, forgive others their trespasses, and to ask for forgiveness where there have been deviations and ills inflicted upon ourselves.

In an effort to regain a personal sense of power, creativity and sovereignty, the individual must vanquish all interests in external attempts to manipulate and gaslight him/her into positions of relative submission. The earth trine from Pluto to Mars (Thu) sees the force of the collective making every effort to secure its worldly holdings and securities of governance over the physical world. We may fight to preserve our individual interests, but we are also observing that all is not what it appears to be in the world of material stocks, that what we own and cherish in the material sense is becoming dissipated, its value diminishing as it becomes dispersed, somewhat unevenly, among the many billion souls who are alive today.

There is much speculation and still too much assertion placed on mere assumption and conjecture.

Power, wealth and security are arguably poorly meted out among the people on this earth. As the world seems plagued by all kinds of natural disasters, there appears a growing divide and discontentment between the few that ‘have’ and the many who do not, the few that ‘know’ and those who are kept in the dark by their own ignorance. As systems of governance over the economy and its laws are being upgraded constantly, the beneficiaries remain largely uneven and the greater wealth and power are not trickling down to those who seem to be blindly and pliantly doing all the work. The extent of global inequality still depends not on who we are, but where we are, both geographically and in the social order of things. As we can see by the daily reports from around the world, there are entire societies dealing with insufferable conditions of inequity and oppression. Those masses who are being controlled by an increasingly authoritarian rule are given fewer choices and fewer opportunities to liberate themselves from their current lot and hence share in the abundance of this world.

Saturday’s Virgo Full Moon assisted us to see quite starkly what needs rebalancing between us, especially in our most intimate relationships. Who is doing all the work, and who is reaping all the benefit? Some sacrifices might need to be made at the highest level of our being in order to restore the equilibrium of healthy give-and-take between us.

This week, Jupiter’s trine to the North Node provides a welcome chance to see the greater purpose and overall goal of humanity a little clearer, connecting us with those who are willing to cooperate. However, with Neptune still squaring the Nodes (Nov 2020-Mar 2021), this may not appear entirely evident. There is still considerable gaslighting occurring at all levels – widespread brainwashing that seeks to convince the healthy that they are perhaps not so well and need treatment, while those who are truly pathologically ill are convinced that they have nothing to worry about.

Mercury in direct motion over his Rx shadow remains in close conjunction with Jupiter at the mid-degrees of Aquarius. In the union of the two rulers of the opposing Lunar Nodes (Gemini/Sadge), Mercury and Jupiter’s conjunction provides a rare opportunity to actually bring many of the ideas and beliefs about what the future may hold into some moral vision that can promise hope and prosperity for all humankind.

Again, through the Pisces Sun, we are to stay mindful that our presence here as conscious beings is all about a much higher process – consciously seeing that none of the constructs of the past are going to hold us for much longer, and though there is still enough spin and nonsense going around to fool “some of the people some of the time”, the truth is that “time” is truly up and many folks are quickly waking up to the dire emergency that we can no longer govern the new world using old inequitable systems. Every human being is a resource of creative intelligence and evolutionary power. To deny even one being of their cooperation is a crime against nature.

In evolutionary astrology, it’s all about the Nodes. Of course, all planets and points in the horoscope contribute towards how we will live out our dharma, but it’s important to keep a keen respectful eye on the transiting Nodes and their relationship to the rest of our chart when staying in check with the course of our relative spiritual purpose.

The transiting Gemini North Node is pulling humanity to reintegrate back into society. As much as we feel dragged backwards by the Sagittarian South Node, trying to maintain our ‘sense of liberty’ at all costs, we must be mindful that we cannot shirk our social responsibilities by avoiding any restrictions imposed on us. One’s liberty must not be at the expense of anyone else’s. As much as Sagittarius dislikes boundaries and rules, unless they are in alignment – not with one’s own truth, but Truth itself – there is no basis for self-knowledge and growth. Gemini tries to compel us to at least listen to both sides of an argument, see reason, accept facts as facts and not just mere suppositions and assumptions.

We need to work harder in being informed, ask questions where there are gaps in reasoning and be relentless in our attempts to understand exactly what is happening in our lives. To place faith on mere assumptions is a dangerous thing to do and like all dangerous things to do, we can suddenly find ourselves in frightful trouble. Making assumptions simply means believing things are a certain way with little or no real evidence to support that. For instance, we might assume that our position in the world today is in the same secure place it has always been, neglecting the obvious fact that things are shifting so dramatically, only to wake up tomorrow and discover that the whole foundation of our existence has eroded away underneath our feet. find ourselves drifting out to sea, with no grounds of support to our position whatsoever.

The Neptunian tides are strong, especially during Pisces season, and as the Nodes become crossed, we are reminded to check in with reality, Meditation is the key here, not so much your ‘trusty’ news sources.

While the Sun, our light-bringer, won’t reach the Gemini North Node until June 1, in Pisces, he will square the nodal axis in a spectacularly fantastical Last Quarter Moon on Mar 6 (15°♐42′), where, flanked by Venus/Neptune in the soul-unifying Pisces, he is unwilling to accept anything as neither fact nor truth. Over the next month, the Pisces Sun’s desire for the dissolution of ego attachments will challenge both the North and South Node evolutionary forces and we may struggle to maintain some grip on our position, especially if we invest in fantasies, delusions and all kinds of ‘medications’.

Fogs of confusion, avoidance of responsibilties and magical-thinking continue to plague humanity through March, despite efforts to regulate our pathways of disseminating news and information in a clear, logical and unbiased fashion.

There are other forces looming. As we can see, Mars himself finally enters Gemini (Mar 4). After spending the past 8 months in Aries/Taurus, the stolid little fighter had better smarten up if he wishes to keep up the little fight. Around the Solstice (Mar 20), Mars will approach the Gemini North Node, which will pull us to work towards the light side. We must all learn to become more assertive, but only with the facts. This will aggravate those more inclined to feel they know-it-all, the arrogant and ignorant, the rough and uncouth. We must build our courage up to ask more questions, demanding to hear satisfactory answers, to study and become clever if we are to become wiser. Those who fail to provide us with ‘reason’ and ‘just cause’ for their misgivings will have to pipe down and learn to see the ‘truth’ from another angle. It is our moral and spiritual imperative to pursue a logical solution to our problems. We must guard against resorting to sophistries and belief systems so obviously absurd that their whole case takes on an air of the ridiculous.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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  1. Thank you again for sharing your insights. I really appreciate your style of writing in that you do not sugar-coat anything and you tell it like it is. I realize that I can be cynical, as I have Saturn conjunct the Moon in Taurus, and I have Mercury in Capricorn. I feel an intense irreverence toward the status quo, and enjoy wit and sarcasm very much. I really hope that human civilization gets it together, because the older I get, the more I have felt that extinction is the only solution, and in my disdain, I have felt that is overdue and extremely deserving of the shameless behavior I have observed in my lifetime and the traumatic history that precedes it. I guess that doesn’t sound very Aquarian of me, for an Aquarius with Venus conjunct the Sun and Uranus rising… but I guess there is only so much bullshit any one of us can take. I have certainly had my share in my life so far. Thank you for being a bright light of truth in my reality.

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