Make The Dream Real: VIRGO FULL MOON at 08°57, Saturday, Feb 27, 08:18 UTC

The Virgo Moon holds up a mirror to the Pisces Sun, a hard-nosed reflection to his nebulous, subtle yet powerfully ego-dissolving glare. The Pisces Sun denies us of any clear, practical definitions, diffuses our minds into super-wholistic notions, makes us interested in the ‘holy’ principles behind any idea, and much like Aquarius, speaks to us in broad impersonal terms and wide-reaching concepts.

However, Aquarius is an air-sign, primarily operating along the rational dimension of ideas and science. Pisces goes one step beyond – into the sublime watery regions of the quantum universe, indeed an infinite realm of multiverses, a psychic memory bank where all things past, present and future are possible, including magic, mystery, ultra-terrestrial entities of the angelic and demonic realms and even ‘god’ as an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing being exist. Of course, these are only visible through engaging the highest faculties of the imagination, and although we as humans often resonate collectively on certain dreams, fashions and sweeping trends, there is another side to us that begs us towards functionality and analytical distinction – a side that seeks to make these ‘holy visions’ wholesome and real.

Full Moon at 08°♍57, Saturday Feb 27, 2021, 08:18 UTC

Flanked by Venus and ruler Neptune, there is a preponderance of feelings, much talk about spiritual evolvement from this Pisces Sun – a deep concern about how spiritually evolved and conscious we are, especially regarding the universal principle of unconditional love and acceptance. However, when it comes down to self-effacement, particularly against the shrewd, discerning instincts of an earthy Virgo Moon, any heightened idealisms tend to appear more verbal than actual. There is considerable detail missing in how to make idealistic theories actually happen, especially during a state of global emergency.

This poses considerable challenges in our relationships which, while they can aspire to greater compassion and understanding between the individual and his/her world, there doesn’t appear to be much of a plan, just a lot of complaining about what’s not working. There is an obvious avoidance or evasion in dealing with the practical matters and step-by-step duties inherent in any well-functioning system. This is a kind of martyrdom that plunges the slippery Piscean into the abyss, from which Virgo must often overcompensate by working twice as hard to find techniques to fish him out.

The Virgo Full Moon poses us with a moment, a distinctly intense point in time when we must wrestle with our conscience to bring our highest, most altruistic and sacrificial aspirations into some semblance of order and reasonable application. Yes, it is special and sacred to be inspired by art, literature, classical mythology or fields of humanitarian endeavour, but unless these are brought into some down-to-earth, practicable complex of tasks and routine, they will escape serving any true purpose, both to our individual selves and to others.

Hence, this is a time to either marry the sublime and fantastically creative ideas into mundane utilisation or make a decision to untether and expunge ourselves from any relationship which only siphons away our rational energies.

If you are finding that you can no longer understand the purpose of the dream that is presented to you, effectively unable to carry on in the direction your dreamworld has been leading you, if you feel frustrated and confused by the main narrative of your mind’s eye, then this is seriously a time to stop and reflect. There are many factors contributing to your ability to satisfactorily realise all that is true and meaningful for you in this world.

The connecting midpoint of the Pluto/Eris square, impacting the exact degree of this lunation, brings up a myriad of massive global issues that affect the greater evolution or the extinction of our species and the well-being of every other element on this planet. Hence, matters of inability to meet our selfless duty towards the preservation of the greater whole become far more critical and urgent than being merely personal. At the dawn of a new scientific age, there are still many issues that evade any logical reason and plain, common sense.

Humanity is awakening to realise that we live in a fantasy world full of imaginary heroes and villains, of angels and demons, a universe all of our own making, where little of true substance is able to bring us down to earth, or where the family or social structure is too harsh for us to cope with. We must not look at escape from the harsh realities of this planet as the only option. It is in our ability to turn fantasy into reality, to channel our dreams and visions in such a way that allows us to practically contribute something wonderfully useful and resuscitating to the beautiful life that is possible for us all in this world.

What can you do?
What will you do?

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