NEPTUNE square the NODES

Seriously now, I shouldn’t get too excited about things settling down and “returning back to normal”. For a start, we are all currently under NEPTUNE’s narcotic spell as he stations squarely across the NODAL AXIS for the next 6-8 weeks.

Yeah, we’re all high as a kite; dizzy in the haze. And let’s be honest, when was the last time anyone said anything to you that made any freakin’ sense? Someone whose words you could trust? Something you didn’t have to fact-check to the point of bitter disappointment?

We are all under one giant, hypnotic hoax. Not sure who’s playing it (maybe you?) but if I didn’t know better I too would feel obliged to just dozily play along, shut down my little shop, crawl up into my room and roll up into a mental-health sadball; literally hibernate for a couple of months.

Sure, call it your civil duty, peer-group pressure; morbid anxiety or just reverential fear of the powers that be. Me? I just call it bull-shit. I ain’t forgetting that for most of 2019, month after month there, the Cap MOON passed multiple OCCULTATIONS, obscuring the same malefic bastards that, since January this year, tightened the vice-grip of total control over this whole planet and made men do things that still make me shake my head in utter dismay and disbelief.

Yeah, believe nothing.
PALLAS/JUPITER/PLUTO/SATURN now are bundled up near the end of Capricorn. Now that’s what I call a conspiracy.

On Dec 21, JUPITER/SATURN come together at 00°♒29′, and even if I wasn’t an astrologer, just a dude who was even a little tuned in, I would still be certain that the whole damned shitshow was gonna collapse into a worldwide pandemonium of a whole nuther dimension.

Don’t listen to me.
But do listen.
Listen to your wild, rebellious heart.
How much more of this falafel do you think you can chew?

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