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THE WEEK AHEAD: Dec 16-22 – An Astrological Synopsis

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One can no longer say that we have “shifted onto a new dimension of consciousness” without being succinctly clear about what this phrase means. And it’s hard to be exactly clear, because if we have indeed “shifted”, we have become much more self-definingly individualistic and demandingly so, at that.

In a nutshell, this week brings massive realisations as to just how far we’ve each come in terms of being socially fractured in just a very small period of time. As we approach the end of this month/ year/ decade, our greatest evolutionary progress becomes far more evident when we reflect back, ever so generally, to what has changed within our own lives. Is the way we now relate to others, not just over the past 12 months, but over the past 10 years creating greater connection or disconnection between us?

This week:

  • The Sun moves out of Sadge to join Venus, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto at the Capricorn South Node end of things. Needless to say, some of the most disagreeable aspects of ambitiousness start to emerge as some folks realise that there may not be that much time left to be a ‘somebody’. A foreshadowing of the ruthlessness of 2020…
  • The Jupiter/Uranus transit, which kicked off this decade with a conjunction at the end of Pisces/start of Aries in 2010-11 is on the hunt to kick down all that is morally uptight and priggish. Culminating with an opposition during Trump’s election victory & inauguration (late 2016-2017) it now forms an easing closing earth trine. It none-the-less imbibes us all with an irreverent urge for individual freedom and independence from institutions such as governments and monarchies. Strong presentiments about what is right just for ourselves often comes off as obstinately righteous, with the possible risk of upsetting or disrespecting others.
  • The Capricorn clamour that’s going on with the bigger planets sees all kinds of social jostling for top positions. With Venus now past her besiegement from malefics Saturn/Pluto, a semisquare to Mercury sees aggressive women getting quite obsessed about posturing their own career advancement whilst taking it out on whoever’s around, possibly younger women or kids.
  • Venus then enters Aquarius, forming a mutual receptive square to Uranus. Initially, this pushes and enables for a strange, “progressive” new approach towards relationships, which eventually morphs more into a dissociative-style disorder than any conventional attempt to form any cohesive bonds with others.
  • As Jupiter heads towards the South Node, all hope for any comradery temporarily gives way to excessively selfish tendencies to improve status and standing. An air of religious/judicious dissonance or politically anti-social conduct builds among everyone as we head into the difficult eclipse period.
  • Mercury’s strop with Neptune comes as the winged messenger conjuncts asteroid, Athena, and the whole “high moral ground”, “social justice warrior” agenda/theme that’s been so strong throughout this last year comes quite undone by instances of inconsistency, false flags and evidence of gross hypocrisy.
  • Mars in Scorpio’s sextile Saturn/Pluto gives the masculine a “leg up” to pitch a ruthlessly offensive counter-strike to any attempts to emasculate or oppress their own survival recently. Particularly where there has been a conspiracy to quash, mistreat or convict, we will see a fierce comeback from those who connect with this Mars.
  • Naturally, this is a terrible week for making friends and allies, and with the Capricorn Sun squaring Chiron, the daddy issues start to act out among those who still harbour wounds from absent or abnormal relationships with the father/authorities. Manifesting in distrust, or unhealthy sexual tensions with men who act as father figures, much comes up to the surface to either cut deeper or to be healed.

Thursday’s Last Quarter Moon highlights where our restless, autonomous, unruly spirit must learn to accord with life’s more conventional needs and expectations – at least so we can make necessary practical adjustments.

We are spear-headed into a brand new decade, where an exponential rate of wonderful new insights and innovations is transforming our cognitive understanding of everything on this planet, shifting our perception of the past beyond all prior recognition. We choose how we will interpret and look at things with less regard for how these comply with the ‘status quo’.

As 2020 approaches, we take a look back at the past decade of planetary influences and how it relates to our own social/spiritual understanding. In particular, we see how the rise of social media, streaming services and niche TV has led to the definitive age of the ‘platform algorithm’ and the ‘showrunner’, in which creative visionaries have pitched a very individualised form of programming. We see how this has created a world where the ‘performative’ characters of the ‘reality TV’ model of the 2000-2010’s have extended themselves into our daily consciousness as key ‘influencers’.

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With parishioner ‘faith’; political ‘allegiance’; ‘brand loyalty’; viewer ‘ratings’ and their adherence to a single-pointed narrative (as previously pitched by church, crown, state or corporation) become of less importance, we see that anything we choose to engage with now – whether as news, scientific fact or arts & entertainment can be done (or dismissed) on-demand, stored and watched at the individual’s ‘catch-up’ or in ‘binge-mode’ discretion.

Suddenly – from young to old, and in every intersection of the demographic, we have each accrued a greater power in how we choose to ingest and program our own data input. In response, our ‘programmers’ can also afford to take risks or play with our expectations, narrating a very selective kind of tale to each of us. Gone are the days when we all had to watch what we were told to; these days there’s a distinct friend, a group, a channel, a show, a social circle out there for each of us. Similarly, those more creative and innovative have the power to produce their very own.

Naturally, this new form of intellectual democracy – where everyone chooses to elect who they will listen to and with whom they will engage rattles and disconcerts the old structure, one who is used to holding wholesale authoritarian control. As Saturn conjuncts Pluto, we observe how so much intellectual freedom messes with the old system of single-pointed mind control.

With all the movement of planets in Capricorn, 2020 will no doubt see new measures and regulations being introduced to censor and curtail this freedom. We will also see the shift towards a more right-wing, separatist, authoritarian-style governance (as is currently with Britain, China, Russia, Australia, etc) start to sweep across the globe, as an extreme reaction by the more conservative elements to all the radical, left-wing policies. There is no “right and wrong” here. Just the galvanising phenomena of a brave new entry into an incredible, unbelievable, ground-shaking swing towards a new form of conservatism. It is mind-boggling.

Strangely, as Uranus closes to a separating semi-square to Neptune again (closest in Feb 2020), the mass psychic dissonance in our world feeds further into global confusion, which includes the gradual dissolution of our investment into old, hierarchical models of governance. What will happen? We must wait and see.


As the eclipses arrive over this next few weeks, this period marks the official end of the old guard. We examine how this will change our lives in a relatively very short period of time and how we can best be equipped to handle such changes.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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