THE WEEK AHEAD: Apr 13-19 – The Emphasis on Power and Domination

As the North Node pulls into its final, critical degree of Cancer, you may feel the need for homecoming in your heart; a strong pull towards family connections, your sentimental nature and to be closely in touch with the richness of your emotions.

By the time the Nodes regress into Gemini/Sagittarius on May 5, our spirit’s yearning for greater intimacy and warmth from those who really care about us will surpass and supersede the Capricorn South Node values of worldly status, power, money and clutching onto society’s dead ends.

This is what the Nodal axis is all about. Sadly, as I write this on Easter Sunday, I also sense the eerie quietness on the streets, knowing that many are forcibly confined behind the walls and barriers of our own domestic abodes, forbidden to congregate with even those closest to us for fear of the great scourge of darkness that we sense lurking among our population.

The irony is that we have somehow formed this almost impenetrable “Great Wall of China” around us, and the personal isolation we feel now is harrowing. Naturally, we ask “for how much longer”, but then again, the frustration feels all very subjective and relative to how much we can stand as individuals. Arguably, some individuals feel the tension and inhibition more than others. They are close to the tipping point.

As the next couple of weeks progress, stresses and strains begin to reach fever pitch and, for some, we shall certainly see the psychodynamic cracks begin to show as early as Tuesday…

✦ Tuesday’s LAST QUARTER MOON at 25°27′ Capricorn forms an intense Cardinal Square to the Aries Sun, highlighting just how much our desire to do what we want and go where we want to go as individuals (Aries), is currently being thwarted by the rules and constraints imposed upon us by outer world conditions (Capricorn).

Unfortunately, some will act with merciless and opportunistic intentions in their pursuit of self-serving goals; so much so that even cruelty is possible because, for those individuals, the end often justifies the means.

✦ The Aries Sun squaring off against Jupiter/Pluto raises major awareness around the accumulation of power and great wealth. The argument against Plutocrats’ messianic conviction that they are ordained to save the world comes into its first real critical dispute.

We discussed the main issues around this critical, three-quarter phase of the Aries lunation in last week’s Cosmic Bus Lunation Report (episode #2015) – Capricorn Quarter Moon

✦ Venus and Vesta combine in Gemini, fusing feminine sexuality and love to operate in an intellectual way through communications and networking. This creates further distancing and social alienation since the expression of love is conveyed more in the realms of words and ideas rather than any physical or emotional exchanges.

✦ Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries, where painful thoughts turn into words which can be blurted out without invitation or any consideration of their consequences. Tapping into our core language will at least create discussion about what’s eating away at us, mental content that keeps us stuck in a trans-generational rut and repeating the wounds and victimhood fallacies of our ancestors. Ideas evolve and assist healing.

✦ Also at the cusps, Saturn’s quincunx to the Nodes further immures us to deal with our own psychologically complex wiring. As if stuck in a monastery, prison or asylum, we are forced to face life’s excruciating worldly and unworldly pressures, learn the importance of patience and the spiritual value of spending time in isolation.

✦ Hell hath no fury like Eris scorned, and the Aries Sun’s activation of the outer, outer goddess who casts the seed of discord and dissent among us, aims her disdain and disregard at all those who conspire to make her life a living misery.

✦ Venus in Sesquisquare to Jupiter/Pluto raises valid questions around the sincerity of charitable acts, especially by our governments and plutocrats. Many are indeed in need of assistance, alms and relief at this time, however, self-proclaimed martyrs who are by no means discreet in offering ‘assistance’ appear more to be conspiring to deceive us or covering up some sinister deeds instead of genuinely dealing with the core reality of a dire situation.

✦ By the end of the week, Mercury stands between the Venus/Mars trine, forming sextiles to each at the midpoint. Heady discussions about what we need from our relationships encourage an ability to at least figure things out and come to workable, practical resolutions. Whilst there may be some flirting, with Venus/Mars in air signs, there will be no touching.


There are many conspiracy theories going around at this time, particularly about the spurious attempt to shut down society’s everyday freedoms. Of course, many of them are probably true, and no matter how cynical or sceptical you might be, real evidence amounts that this global pandemic and its many socio-economic by-effects is producing a hive of opportunities for scientific, legal and academic ‘experts’ and ‘authorities’ to introduce sweeping new laws which are designed to confine, restrict or silence free speech and other basic human liberties.

Naturally, in the midst of rising mortality from this horrid virus, many law-abiding citizens are unquestionably likely to comply by all measures and, in fear of their own death, fold into all kinds of draconian ideologies, imposed dogmatically, rather than being open to any form of critical reasoning and civilised debate.

This week, the ‘powers that be’ implement extreme and extra-ordinary measures to further limit and shut down those maverick individuals who dare, in their democratic rights, to buck against the wave of massive pressure, disinformation and corrupt systems of indoctrination which intend to further isolate, categorise and track every minute movement of its constituents.

Naturally, dissidence and discord from those on the periphery foments at every level. The tendencies of ambition, force, power, domination, aggression, and extremism cannot be easily quelled or nullified, only used in a wiser manner.

By the end of the week, the Sun moves out of cardinal, fiery Aries and into the rigid earthiness of Taurus. There, the Sun will square Saturn in Aquarius (Apr 21) before his conjunction to Uranus (Apr 26). In between, on Apr 23, the Taurus New Moon resets almost precisely on this fixed Saturn/Uranus midpoint, instigating perhaps one of the most irritably tense and emotionally inhibiting moments in our soul’s intention to maintain its sense of autonomy and individuality.

I will be back later this week to discuss this very critical lunation and what it all means to us. In many ways, this is a precursor to a series of events which culminate with the most powerful eclipses in June. Please join me on Thu/Fri’s episode of CosmicBus, where I will discuss the energetic trends in full detail. For those who are not members of the Cosmic Tribe, but signed up to our free Newsletter, we will send special inbox invitations in a couple of days which will allow the first 100 applicants to experience this live, online event (once only) for free.

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Wishing you many blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx


  1. 😂🤣😂I am an Aries Sun, Mercury and Venus and I am so happy to be in isolation and get away from so many people who are brainlessly roaming the Earth so the airplanes look like rush-hour buses, and making idiotic scenes on them when they can’t sit , drink or do whatever the fuck they want on it. Or people, who are hoarding every possible “newest” trend, phones, cars and things because they can or robbing others for it, or seemingly “loving” their friends and being in love until the next possible, better “catch” comes along and ALWAYS blaming the other for it. Or for youths and teens who hardly can wait and move out of their house, because they are fed-up with the “parental restrictions” that they can’t do what the frig they want , drugs, sex , booze, travel, and money from age 12. Parents who don’t give a crap about their kids because their friends , 3rd or 5th partners, work and selfies are more important than their own freedom restricting kids. Brainless celebritiy worships, pulling racist-cards after every second statements someone dares to say how they see things , greed at every level of society. Who the fuck enjoys that kind of living with a little bit of common-sense left in them. So Ang, you can idolize and fantasize the “good times” . the” freedom” you and everyone thinks they had before this (in drug, and booze and XANAX induced Neptunian delusions ), but I live on Earth and that is not what I saw (and much more.) So, I am really HAPPY to be isolated and not have to deal with pretentious, two-faced, self-worshiping, narcisstic , boasting but mainly under educated , brainless humans. So no pressure for me from some so-called dictatorial invisible machine . They gave me a favour! 🤣🤣Oh! And Have a Wonderful Easter !

  2. Wow. I am really you’re in isolation. Wonderful how this thing works .

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