THE WEEK AHEAD: May 4-10 What Can You Count On And Who Do You Trust?

How will we remember 2020? Sure, we’re only a third of the way into this year but, by outer-planetary zodiac coverage, these first 4 months have already provided a flashing glimpse of what we might be dealing with until Nov-Dec. Will the rest of the year bring more of the same, or will we somehow manage to resolve our problems and finally move on?

This week, as the Taurus Sun is faced off against the Scorpio Moon, Saturn stations to retrograde. Needless to say, there is great tension in the air, and in the midst of a global pandemic, we start to question our financial position: Who will benefit from all the money that is being splashed around by governments; where it is coming from, and more importantly, who is going to pay for it all whenever this is over? Ultimately, isn’t it always the mums and dads? Emotions run rife as to the awareness that everything we have invested in our whole lives may possibly not be there for us.

With Jupiter also about to join retrograde Pluto, the big concern, naturally, is that the beneficiaries of this horrible crisis are the billionaire industrialists, the government’s intelligent surveillance networks and the world bankers. Are we all about to be placed under increased surveillance to justify tracking of the virus? With Jupiter/Pluto tight and slow in sustained conjunction through May, we are about to see many drastic changes in our world, especially where money and plutocrats are concerned.


VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE: Venus in Gemini, now in her retro shadow and starved for stim-u-love-tion, will take anything – even calls from past or distant lovers. Whether in her dreams or mystic reveries, the mind boggles at what it might be like, but sadly it is a desire for someone that has little likelihood of fulfilment because they are, for various reasons, beyond her reach.

MERCURY forms a SUPERIOR CONJUNCTION (14°♉52′): passing very near the SUN in the middle of Taurus. His orbit carries him around the far side of Earth, which lets the TAURUS SUN express his whole cause. It’s simple. Care for the earth and value everything physical. It’s precious.


SUN/MERCURY SEMI-SQUARE NORTH NODE: In the final moments before the Moon’s Nodes shift into Gemini/Sadge, we have a chance to commence proceedings or discussions with new contacts. Who knows, this may be enjoyable.

THE NODES SHIFT is a huge event, effectively a period which will take us out to January 2022. These points are critical in helping to calculate the eclipses and their intensity, and when they affect our charts have a special, karmic significance. As usual, the North Node shows us where we go to obtain greater soul-growth, while the South Node shows us where we need to surrender and let go.

I discussed the effects of this nodal shift at length in a special Cosmic Bus episode, but to sum up, this will be a time when we must learn to let go of our wild, primitive, insensitive ways and move towards conducting ourselves with greater eloquence, class and sophistication. It is a journey that we will follow closely over the next 18 months, especially since these qualities will be highlighted greatly during eclipse periods and when the Nodes square Neptune (Nov 2020-Jan 2021) which, along with other heavy transits could turn out to be a really messy time.


The Moon moves into dreaded Scorpio, and a foul mood besets the collective, activating both the Venus/Neptune (chaotic, stormy emotions) and Saturn/Uranus (stress, depression) squares. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but needless to say, with the moon fully lit, it is a time to be more mindful about our feelings and how when we’re prone to react can be drastic, especially when environmental pressures get too much.


The Scorpio Full Moon at 17°♏20′ brings up a range of fixed themes around what we have vs. what we desire/demand from others and what we must share. It is a time when we take stock of what we’re worth and how much we’re willing to give to keep the balance and peace. Energies are polarised and we grapple between issues of:
☪ constructiveness vs. destruction;
☪ investment and divestment
☪ placidity vs. enragement;
☪ conservatism vs. change;
☪ trust vs. suspicion
☪ stability vs. crisis;
☪ security vs. meltdown.

MARS in Aquarius (also a fixed sign) plays a key hand in ‘mediating’ any conflict here, which is to say that negotiations are not likely to be friendly if they go against the spirit of ‘equilateral sharing’ – not a big Taurus/Scorpio trait since they both like to keep (one consciously keeps goods, the other instinctively wants to hold power). A MERCURY/NEPTUNE sextile should at least introduce ideas about empathy and compassion.


The fallout from the Full Moon could produce happy compromises of give-and-take or nasty dealbreakers which leave relations in a state of unyielding acrimony. Money is always at the core of things here, and with Uranus in Taurus, there is much nervousness about investing in something or someone which may or may not be there tomorrow.


Mercury’s earth trine to Jupiter/Pluto is an increased intensification of thoughts to either significantly improve our position or feel as though there’s some greater conspiracy to control or constrict us. A kind of moral or ethical conversion must take place, or at least subliminal mind control. Here, we can articulate or expound upon our needs, goals and ambitions. If we are not mindful, we may succumb to a propaganda campaign to physically, mentally and economically isolate us from others. Judicious censorship and control, or elimination of offensive ideas can become a huge matter of debate, although with the trine, opportunities to find workable solutions are possible.


The COVID19 pandemic has arguably dominated our collective awareness since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January. Though tragically, it has taken many lives, the forced imposition of drastic restrictions upon both our business and domestic lives has undoubtedly declared a world reset on financial and economic matters of importance. For a start, it has reconnected us with our families again. Secondly, it has provided a rare vantage point from which to re-evaluate everything in our world.

The Sun and Mercury’s superior conjunction before Uranus in Taurus provides a sudden insight into what we thought we valued and appreciated. Perhaps the things we loved yesterday might not be there for us to love tomorrow and visa versa. As Venus, ruler of Taurus, retrogrades through Gemini, our whole sense of aesthetics, affections and tastes could undergo a total flip.

As we stand, VENUS, JUPITER, and SATURN are slowing to a halt. By the middle of this month, all these planets would have joined PLUTO in retrograde. As the first wave of this pandemic eases off, we will come to acknowledge that humanity is NOT the most powerful thing on Earth and that we should review our relationship with our planet. In the confinement of our physical arrest, we must prepare to reflect deeply. It’s time now to take a deep breath, sharpen our awareness, and use this precious opportunity to recognise what is essential in life. Also, if we are wise, we must prepare for something more tragic than the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need to brace ourselves and realise that we are responsible for all thoughts, attitudes, and actions. JUPITER, currently in his FALL in Capricorn, tries to expound his doctrines to accord with every letter of man’s laws and constitutions. While this may serve some societies, this does not necessarily abide by the spirit of natural law and a cohesively harmonious balance on this planet.

Intensified by Pluto throughout 2020, this will be pushed to its extremes, and certainly, it will use the current system to weigh down the very people that it was designed to serve.  It is true that technology has enabled a great many freedoms, such as for me to talk to you today, today at least. But as we become more and more dependent on technology, it becomes easier for the maligned forces of control to exclude us from basic freedoms and services now essential in the modern world. Gradually, society’s systems will seek to break the back of the individual under the burden of insufferable rules and laws. Subliminally, it becomes a travesty of justice to impose a series of contrived and misleading facts and rules which try to placate individual rights and freedoms for the purposes of a greater authoritarian agenda.

When the ‘law’, seriously transfigured through this year’s JUPITER/PLUTO conjunctions, undergoes such a perversion of natural justice that it asks people to act as agents of oppression and injustice toward one another, then the only recourse is for utter defiance and to break that law. Under such transits, people will put their lives at stake as counter-friction to stop any system that conspires as a massive bureaucratic attack on our liberties.

What is fomenting ‘out there’ and essentially in every soul, is a real confrontation with the problem of values. As a result, the entire character of the human world has been slowly diminishing into worthlessness. It is our conscious disengagement from the instruments of tyranny and control that will restore the awakened individual back to the spirit of nature and into alignment with the greater cosmic intent.

This week’s Full Moon provides an epic moment of either awareness or confrontation. I will talk in-depth about the power of this lunation in a special, extra episode of Cosmic Bus on Mon/Tue [click here to join us]

As primary energies dissipate and pull diametrically apart, we see a total schism – a complete transformation, not just in what we value, but in who and what we love. Also, we observe that what is changing is the velocity and scale of how events start to shape our minds and our societies. People are disengaging from trusting in the old world. It is not so much a ‘civil’ but more a ‘spiritual disobedience’.

If Saturn teaches us one thing during his remaining couple of months in Aquarius, it is a determined intention to let go of abysmally failing systems and step defiantly into setting up a more serious embodiment of our most humanistic spiritual emotion – hope.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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