Brave New World: THE WEEK AHEAD: Mar 23-29

‘Intense’ hardly cuts it. This is perhaps one of the most intense weeks ever, and on the back of the Vernal Equinox, it becomes the crucial tipping point for a brave new reality – when day slowly descends to night, and night vanishes into day.

You might feel it all weigh down on you, even if you are not allowed to leave the confines of your house this week. In fact, the intensity we’re talking about is probably due to that reason alone – that for whatever reason, sweeping, oppressive measures now being introduced by the state’s health department sees millions of humans all over the world being locked away under mandatory home-detention, due to the shadow cast by the insidious COVID19 pan-demonic.

What else did you expect with an ultra-rare South-Nodal Mars/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the constricting sign of Capricorn?

Social-distancing indeed…

Naturally, some are deeply sceptical, frothing with conspiratorial hints and claims and allegations. All I have to say is: that’s nature baby… having her day with us. Meanwhile…

✦ Saturn dips his cold, dead toes into Aquarius (till Jul 1), formally issuing that this ‘social-distancing’ mandate is official. Watch the consensus follow suit.

✦ Mars/Pluto conjunct brings out the little tyrant – our best and worst efforts – in a bid to get the job done in by means, at any cost, come hell or high water…

✦ The exalted Aries Sun squaring the Nodes only aggravates the current conflict between the greed & selfishness and greater community needs.

✦ A New Moon in Aries, conjunct Chiron shows up just how deeply wounded and troubled we all are in terms of our sense of personal identity. When forced to face ourselves in our aloneness, many will doubt their own existence. They need a reference point, but it’s not there.
~ We have a lot of work to do over this next year. We learn to separate ourselves from many of the supportive relationships, co-dependencies and intricate bonds into the cultural infrastructures that once defined us. This will either mend or upend us (or a bit of both).

✦ Jupiter edges even closer to Pluto, and with Mercury semi-square from Pisces, expect all news to become propaganda and all truth to be well-concealed or heavily manipulated toxic garbage. Mercury also semisquares Eris, so the contest on who can tell the most virulent whop – one that will wipe the table clean of all other contenders is really on.
~ Like, observe China, who tells us that their COVID19 crisis is over, and they have the whole thing under control, only days after they expel all leading Western journalists; observe Malaysia, whose internet speeds are mysteriously slowed even disabled, deliberately obfuscating what is going on in the country – just as China did in the early stages of the outbreak; observe how figures on COVID cases and deaths are ‘massaged’ for public consumption because of questionable collection practices or selective regional differences in how the data is gathered; observe the narratives most government officials are putting out, which seem to veer into certain agendas and the underlying corruption emerging as ministers and senators are trying to protect secret agendas.

✦ By the end of the week, at least one thing is becoming redeemingly evident. As earthy Venus trines the Jupiter/Pluto, we uncover the power to become adequately satisfied and thankful for what we have. This feeling grows and grows as we spend more and more time alone and with those closest, doing simple things and paying special respect to what truly matters. Much will be conceived during this world-wide love-in.

✦ Leading into next week, we start to discover the cold hard truth about just how devastating this new social reality will be for us. As Mars also graduates to the peak of Capricorn, he allies with Saturn at the threshold of Aquarius. Here, as the two main malefics, recently baptised in the Hadean underbelly of Pluto join forces to roll out a progressive structure for the road ahead. Here a most daunting manifestation of the future threatens to emerge:
Brave new ‘counter-active’ and ‘preventative’ reforms to all systems, economies, politics and culture are already underway. While the rest of us are all off the streets and locked away, the architecture of Orwellian-style electronic surveillance systems & digital policing, micro-tracking and control kicks in. We discover that our money’s no good and that government-controlled welfare is the way to get only necessities distributed evenly, cashless transactions become the only way to trade if indeed any trade is going to go down at all.

To some, this may not feel like much of an incursion. Most people don’t really know what it means to be free because they’re not familiar with the power of having choices in their lives. Most people are so deeply indoctrinated into constitutional slavery that they are happy to exchange the iron chains around their loins for a swish new E-tag.

To those who value their private thoughts; their resplendent liberties; who appreciate the power of exercising full autonomous control over their wide-ranging affairs; who revel large in the princely magnitude of their own infinite sovereignty, this feeling of being owned and zoned amounts to nothing less than being dethroned. In all of this, you’d think that wars and protests would ensue, but oh my dears… just think again…

More on this later in the week. For now, check into your Special New Moon horoscope messages – this week I giftly offer Gemini, all open, for your free, sampling pleasure. Enjoy xx
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