Birth of a New Revolutionary Spirit – THE FORTNIGHT AHEAD (Jan 19-31)

Given the cosmic context, it would be hard to argue that our trajectory in affecting profoundly great reform into our lives has picked up considerable urgency in just these tumultuous past 2-3 weeks. As the Sun leaves Capricorn to enter Aquarius (Jan 19), both rulers Saturn and Uranus are now direct and heading for their first of three significant squares in 2021. It now appears that ‘Great Change’ is quite ominous, and I will endeavour to commence the discussion through the course of this generously intensive article.

To this effect, and in the prelude to the Leo Full Moon (Jan 28), we will see several planets come to lock horns through a series of challenging dynamic aspects to one another in the early degrees of fixed signs.

Jan 24

Also, most notably, Neptune tightens the square to the Lunar Nodes by Jan 24, indicating that we are likely to feel ultra-sensitive to everything and everyone around us. True empathy wears thin during this period, all humanity seems thin-skinned, highly vulnerable, slightly naive and easily fooled. The semi-square from Saturn (Jan 20) sees us feeling unsupported and misunderstood, even despondent. One might easily feel alone even in a crowd of their own peers. Puzzled by what’s going on; feeling creepily deceived constantly by those who should know better than to take us for a ride, perhaps it’s wisest to self-isolate. The semisquare from the Sun (Jan 23) only highlights how much our cherished visions for tomorrow now seem faint and out of touch with the current circumstances, so much so that in the tumult we may react ineptly, even in our own areas of expertise. It is indeed time to change tack, reconstitute our vision, as a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius takes form (Jan 24).

Jupiter’s square to Uranus also brings warning that we are squandering away too much of our good energy on nonsense, searching for meaning down the most absurdly twisted rabbit holes of convoluted theories. An approaching Mars will only agitate those reactionaries to act in ways which are misled, negative and destructive. The Jupiter/Saturn squares make the world more on edge. What it needs now is more positive revolutionaries, and if something needs to change for us to get more into the flow with what’s really going on, the key is definitely in the way we’re operating.

Enter Saturn…

The likelihood is that Saturn’s dominance in scientifically progressive Aquarius will apply a severely sobering, if somewhat depressive, effect on wild Uranian and Neptunian abstractions. Some healthy scepticism is necessary. Uranus, whose Taurean viewpoint on life is fundamentally reactionary in nature, oftentimes rooted in a backwards-looking perception of a ‘return to a Golden Age’. Neptune, dignified in Pisces, attempts to unify, but under the Saturn’s scrutiny, any nebulous evasiveness is also about to receive a harsh ‘coming down to earth’.

Jan 20

We may see the Mars/Uranian combination, responsible for a lot of the current dissent and insurrection, resistant to any force of discipline. It is wise to brace ourselves for any turn of events, and wherever your investments, be prepared for the worst possible outcome.

Of course, with so much agitation against the machine of progress, the prevailing Aquarius/Uranian energy asserts that there’s no predicting what might happen next. Anything goes, but one thing is certain – there will be no turning back the clock now. Those who pine for a return to the romanticised glories of a bygone ‘gilded age’, when things seemed more controlled, more structured and stable, will only come to realise that such a thing came only at the greatest expense to our freedom and ultimately to justice.

In fact, when one looks closely at our past, they will objectively discover that it is filled with tales of toil and suffering for all humans, largely due to their incredible ignorance about nearly everything. What appeared to be controlled and predictable can only be attributed to our conditioned fears and limitations around movement and growth, both mental and physical. Individuals were held steadfast to a system which imposed a wholesale resignation to unwritten factors like their inherent family lot, karmic patterns that were cast in stone, limiting social advantages, and the untimely and cruel auspices of death itself.

In truth, past humans lived in a world of little or no light. Justice was cruel and there was relatively little freedom. Freedom is our innate power to choose. Without choices, our individual capacity to enjoy the present moment (life) becomes diminished.

When our innate individual need for freedom is restricted, denied or misused, the result is always some kind of grief. Behind grief is always the immutable law of nature, serving to deliver justice. Justice is benevolent, constantly striving to preserve the inherent balance and harmony of the universe. Any abuse of freedom creates injustice.

Where there is injustice in nature, there is always violence.

Whether this violence is experienced physically, verbally, psychologically or emotionally, any human who is denied their fundamental liberty to be free, the ultimate outcome is always violence. To disrespect or deprive another’s right to be free is the greatest violence of all. There are many causes for violence, but violence which comes from injustice ultimately leads us to either a negative reactionary state of mutiny and insurrection or in a more positive state, a revolutionary release.

When we look to the past, the limitation of choices available to humans meant that their entire personal identity was forcibly reduced to comply with strictly defined parameters, both socially reinforced and self-imposed. Limitations on freedom of speech and movement were shrouded by dark concepts of forbidden thoughts, emotions and physical acts. To rail against this implied that you would face a violent and untimely death.

Hence, prior to today’s humanism, where the individual will is celebrated, there was never any real ‘Golden Age’ as such – even for the ‘privileged elite’. Everyone had to comply by the will of exterior expectations and play their role accordingly, or suffer the consequences. Overwhelmingly, all human beings alive today emerge out of a history of immense restrictions, repressions and horrid brutality, thanks largely to the harsh 3D limitations of Saturn’s strict limitations of time and the gravity of physical matter.

Much of it was grimly endured as a protective guard against the substantive insecurities of life, and due to foreboding fears, grief and a widespread ignorance to science in favour of religion, humans formed a personality complex that was typically superstitious, afraid to fully relax and inwardly insecure to the degree of contracting untimely nervous collapse, emotional disease, physical death and decay. This was the world of Saturn.

Enter Uranus…

Well, not until 1781, actually, when the first of these ‘invisible’ planets was discovered by William Herschel using a revolutionary new invention called the telescope. The late 18th century was indeed a time when ‘revolutions’ were in vogue (American, French, Industrial, Scientific etc). Of course, as we also discovered, revolutionary change, whilst it had the effect of accelerating the pace of human consciousness exponentially, isn’t always pleasant or easily admitted. In fact, sudden change was largely shocking and unwelcomingly disruptive to the Saturnian, fear-based structure.

Until we finally worked out how to integrate revolutionary changes more readily into our lives, say, as in those speedily administered tech-upgrades, made almost daily to our hand-held devices via wireless networks, we still stand to be disturbed and have our lives necessarily disrupted from the confounded recurring upgrades. Naturally, at some point, the ‘revolutions’, which now appear to occur not century to century, or decade to decade, or even yearly, but several times a week, have some degree of impact to our individual human nervous systems. If not able to keep up with the pace, these begin to play upon our health – mind, body and spirit. It stands to reason then that these convulsions are going to have a widespread effect on the greater social order.

We see these collapses now rampant, not just in poorly-managed systems of government and other institutions, whose existing infrastructure isn’t equipped to readily adapt to sudden innovations and unprecedented disasters, but in our own personal lives where we remain resistant to accepting even the slightest changes to our predisposed habits, practical skills and espoused belief systems, however, we may cherish them to stay predictable.

In the course of today’s great reformation, this moment brings us one thing: the opportunity to become instantly aware that now is the time to end this infatuation we have with clinging to false realities which, for the most part, we inflict upon one another through our tenets and dogmas. Our obsession with passing off unproven concepts as something which may be helpful, consoling or soothing to the soul is a perfunctory and ineffective remedy if anything at all. What we really need is to come to grips with the practical realities of our situation and do something innovative that will alleviate the suffering altogether. This is the spirit of real reform.

Whether our erroneous beliefs and half-baked laws spawn from our continued adherence to monotheistic religions, archaic constitutions or misinformed conclusions that we read on Twitter on the bus ride home, we can no longer assume to believe anything we hear as gospel or truth. When we pledge our adherence to the words of a biblical prophet, a supreme monarch, an authoritarian dictator, president, or public celebrity who is the anointed influencer of some intersubjective entity, to subscribe to any ideology which is exclusive and divisive only perpetuates injustice and deprives us of our human dignity and fundamental freedom.

Just as the ancients failed to stabilise their empires due to their inability to support the arbitrary existence of the gods of Olympus, or of ancient Egypt, or of Babylon, so too now we suffer the collapse and the humiliation of our holy cows. Not one of the hypotheses of past ‘Golden Ages’ seems any more probable than any other because they ultimately lie outside the region of the probable knowledge of today. Therefore there is no reason to consider any of them, other than to agree that these beliefs existed only in the absence of science, as a subsidy to what we could not know, at most serving to expose the enormous limitations of humanity’s endeavour to understand the greater forces of nature that were and still are largely seen to be ‘supernatural’.

If our lives need meaning so that we may go on living, then we are awakening, en masse, to the fact that we, as humans, tend to distort and manipulate what we often fail to comprehend in order to make it mean just about anything, just to appease ourselves.

Here, at this Jupiter/Uranus moment, we get a glimpse at how many of our difficulties in life arise when we haplessly attempt to solve serious problems by applying enduring superstitious attitudes and magical, wishful thinking. We see how, for the most part, our adherence to nonsense ultimately fails to work because it only perpetuates the suffering. We also see the toxicity behind those who dogmatically propagate false negatives as ‘truths’. They are not helpful or soothing, they are downright dangerous and culpable of causing great injury and harm. These are the lessons imposed throughout 2021, and in particular, made even starker by the recurring squares between Saturn and Uranus.

Interdimensional clashes between Saturn (brown) and Uranus (blue)
Feb 17

The first of these squares (Feb 17) will be heavily activated in its lead-up by dynamic hits from all inner planets, including Jupiter, which throughout January only irritates the egoic drives and desires of the energies they represent. The Leo Full Moon (Jan 30) will make the tension feel especially more personal. Those who rise to the tests of frustration, overcome struggles, endure even the most dangerous situations in the pursuit of freedoms will surely get the jump start on how to deal with provocations further down the line.

*NB, Whilst this transit may not affect everyone directly, is nonethe less in our collective psyche and is, on some level likely to impact the rhythmic patterns in the body’s nervous system or the personal routine.

The Trouble with Squares (90 degree aspects)

Jan 21

Any square aspect between two or more planets suggests tension or challenges which necessitate some neurological adaptation before any resolution can be achieved. They generally indicate blockages within our individual psyche which prevent or refuse to accept things ‘as they are’, due to our tendency to persist with preferred or established patterns and pathways of behaviour. Hence, any significant squares pose immense hurdles and lessons that cannot be avoided – impending collisions or crises that must be confronted and, as frustrating as they are, continue to thwart and hinder our desired needs and intentions until their inherent lesson is grasped.

When squares involve the outer or more slower-moving planets, they generally imply individual tensions that are shared commonly throughout many other members of society. These are symbolised in both the known socio-political trends and beliefs (Saturn, Jupiter) and the yet unknown (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris), which appear random, wild and wholly unmanageable due to their unpredictability.

When triggered, or activated by the inner planets and by critical phases on the lunation cycle, they highlight internal psychological problem areas – areas where we seem stuck, or unwilling to accept elements which conflict with our established ways. In an attempt to restructure our inner understanding, circumstances pose serious tensions in our mentality or emotions – a process which is vitally necessary in order for growth and progress to take place. These are especially difficult when squares take place with planets in fixed signs.

I will address the recurring Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021 in our next cosmic bus episode, and endeavour to unpack the significance of incremental changes as the year progresses. For now, let’s look at the current tensions as indicated by multiple squares occurring between planets in the two fixed signs of Taurus-Aquarius:

Taurus vs Aquarius (Fixed Square)

Taurus is an earth sign, heavily invested or ‘attached’ in the physical assurances of materialism, steeped in established traditions and conservative attitudes while Aquarius, being an air sign is highly detached, strongly futuristic and progressive in ideas and concerned with egalitarian fellowship, communalism and group experience.

Thus, while the tension generated by squaring planets between these two fixed signs is easy to discern, conflicts encountered here serve to expose us with the materialistic and physical problems of society and how to allow everybody else to enjoy the same liberty of thought and action without compromising our own.

Taurus is rather possessive of its wares, so the tension posed against the accumulation of property and wealth by the egalitarian-minded Aquarius often thrusts us into enormous ideological conflicts concerning how to evenly dole out the land and its rich, buttery spoils of economic and commercial successes, as well as fairly distributing practical information and scientific knowledge so as to benefit everyone.

Here, we distinctly see how those more progressive-minded individuals and business enterprises, in particular, those whose models of governance and administration have made the flying leap by adapting more speedily, integrating radical innovations and employing cutting edge development via the latest infotech and biotech; through the use of extensive networking systems, computer algorithms, robotics and AI. As always, those who are most progressively adapted to the world of science and innovation are most poised to revolutionise the material world. The goliaths not only remain unregulated, but they now have the power to regulate and limit others, including governments and world leaders at the flick of a switch.

In the frenetic pace of innovation, we see the pushback by traditionalists, fundamentalists and those who seek to live a simple, uncomplicated life – one which seeks to be closer to nature, and with Uranus in Taurus is more interested in reverting to isolationist policies, return to a fabled ‘Golden Age’ or the wishful development of earth-based communities. These, in the ‘hippy sense’, seem unconventional but are nonetheless more intent to provide a solid and secure basis for living through self-sufficiency and ability to demonstrate an intuitive understanding of the earth and the progressive management of its physical resources.

Perhaps the lessons of the Taurus/Aquarius square lie somewhere in the integration and compromise between these two seemingly disparate values.

The Great Leap Forward:

In the initial tensions posed by the Jupiter/Saturn’s dawning into the Aquarian Age, the conflict exposed by the January squares to both Mars and Uranus in Taurus highlight our need to resolve the dualities between our ideological and materialistic needs and abrupt separatist notions between two seemingly disparate tribes. These differences begin as irreconcilable, but must move beyond the lower analytical mind and reach that point where our awareness of unity is constantly realised – the point of consciousness of our dilemma. We will see this over the coming fortnight as the Sun enters Aquarius (Jan 19) and comes into alignment with these outer-planet squares.

Uranus and Saturn, being co-rulers of Aquarius are caught in a difficult polarity of energy interchanges, yet they present a vitalising force in the evolutionary struggle. As planetary rulers, they also indicate that the glorious ‘vision’ of Aquarius will not be achieved overnight, and in the early stages of this year, perhaps triggered by the Mars conjunction to Uranus (Jan 20), launch us into a tumultuous two-year period of resistance against progressivism and streamlined regulation of new-tech modernity.

These resistances, which come from every sector of every community, also act as counterbalances between too rapid a movement forward, or an insistence on denying change. Arguably though, they present the safest passage forward that can be achieved by humanity, especially when considering the depth of changes which are being conceived to offset dire global socio-economic problems due to pandemics and authoritarian governments and CEO’s. These include areas yet unpublicised, such as genetic development or mutations within the species, the awakening of areas of the brain, as well as collective social adjustments and planetary changes to climate control and the ‘fixing’ of economic vectors like the digitalisation of world currencies.

In an extremely complex year ahead on planet Earth, regulation and development will need to be carefully overseen by the planetary consciousness of Gaia herself. The natural balances are extremely fragile, and by our continued defiance and willful ignorance to ‘how things really are’, humanity’s unchecked negative habits and resistance to better care is seriously affecting our best efforts towards achieving true progress. We need to become wiser, more intuitively kind to one another in order to survive in a world of interdependence.

We must look towards the conflicts that are occurring in the difficult Taurus/Aquarius square, both in a personal and at a global level as a signal to be more practical and inventive. Perhaps this is also a call to consider the different methods of supporting not just ourselves in the most fundamental way – by finding solutions for revolutionising how the masses might be fed – producing and distributing healthy, organic foods in more sustainable ways. The current means of nourishing humankind may lead us to inadvertently ‘extinctify’ many other species, and if we do not raise the urgency to modify our consumer patterns, even cause great scarcity and starvation to many of our kind.

This one matter becomes of critical importance by the closing of 2021 and its the final instalment of these Saturn/Uranus squares. Hence, we can see how we, the people, are in for a series of life-transforming ‘revolutions’ and ‘system upgrades’.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing fortnight xx

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