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Sorry, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t believe a thing unless it’s happening for me here, in present-tense. I see a curious situation going on – how many of those I come across are eager to go down the rabbit-hole network of myriad intermeshed narratives, so many largely ungrounded, unfounded in scientific fact and yet, somehow seeming to give the most impressionable peoples’ otherwise meagre existence some degree of meaning and purpose – even a sense of mission to ‘save the world’. Like any old religion – these theories don’t hold up under any serious scrutiny because the essence of what they are about is patently untrue.

If you don’t keep your feet, as well as you ear to the ground, things are going to crash, and with you in it soon… just know.

The process going on upon this earth at the moment is largely one where facts and reason, long at odds with fantasy, religious dogma and unholy conjecture – are about to come to a massive collision between your paranoid delusions, insupportable beliefs, disinformation and narcissistic infatuations about yourself, magical thinking about yesterday and wishful thinking about tomorrow.

You may need greater clarity in your life. Any growing ambiguity in you is making it difficult to bring your genius and purpose together in the real world. Much energy is wasted through such horsewhipping but with no real idea of what is actually going on out there and what you really want to do, you may hit a [WARNING] wall.

The energy to successfully break through to the next level is there, just locked away or wasted through lack of direction. You can do this one step at a time. Quit squandering on nonsense and ludicrous rabbit holes. The key is that you need to change your entire way of operating in order to succeed. 

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