[image: daniel serva]

REMINDER that with NEPTUNE squaring the NODES and in semisquare to MARS, JUPITER, SATURN and URANUS, everything you see isn’t necessarily real – it’s most likely a mirage. Everything you hear is an echo, a reverberation of ideas from another time.

If information isn’t knowledge and knowledge isn’t truth and truth isn’t beauty and beauty isn’t love… if it’s all just absurdities, then you best learn to question everything, start thinking for yourself.

Those who believe their religion; bible; god; messiah; president; party; patriarchal hero has totally got this for them; is going to deliver them to some fantastical promised land are seriously misled now.

Listen… do you hear them? Do you see their newsfeed filled with extremist dogma and with toxic, finger-pointing blame, trying to persuade me and to convert you to believe the same unfounded nonsense they themselves cannot even begin to understand let alone support?

Nobody out there has got this for you. Few people, if any have a clue what tomorrow’s world is going to look like. Remain sceptical. There are those who think the government is working for its people, and there are those who think…

The Moon is just about to enter Pisces, will spend the entire weekend there, putting us all into a nice old spell, loosen us up for the dramatic swings and turns ahead of us in the 2-3 weeks that are to follow.


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