Crucible – THE WEEK AHEAD: Jul 20-26

Heavens, we are really moving through the most challenging passage of our terrestrial experience now, albeit in retrograde. Yes, four of the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, as well as asteroid Chiron are now backtracking, with Uranus stationing at 10-11° Taurus to join them in a couple of weeks.

Essentially, this means that we have not really covered any new ground since Jan-Feb we’re just backtracking. Everything we’re currently experiencing has been drummed into us over the first half of this year when the planets first entered their Rx shadow, except perhaps where Uranus’ insights could soon lead to shocking disruptions, crucial breakthroughs and sudden breakdowns. This is especially so where any new tech is involved.

Stationing Uranus will spend all of Aug-Sep stuck on a single degree of the sky. Expect twists. If you’ve been getting used to a certain way of life, even if it was disruptive and rude, paradoxically, you may not get a chance to ever go back to how it was, nor would you want to.

Areas such as property, banking, finance, spending, saving, trading in currencies and in the stock exchange are about to start rumbling. Watch those particular spaces carefully over the next 3-4 weeks and, unless you are at the cutting edge of scientific progress, be prepared for upsets and shock news.

Meanwhile, with Saturn now returned to his realm of Capricorn, we observe how the pillars of our society are laying down the firmware and architecture for tighter control. Along with Jupiter/Pluto, the grand intention is to gradually eliminate old laws, customs and beliefs, replacing old power structures, embedding us with a whole new code of behaviour and slowly but permanently extinguishing toxic old habits and biases.

Over the coming weeks, our actions will have a catalytic effect on our emotions. Whether by rejection, resignation or acceptance of strange new circumstances, or by our own wild struggles, this second Cancer lunation in the space of a month leaves a hefty imprint on our emotions. Let’s not underestimate how what we feel right now is possibly going to impact our lives. This has been a year where we have literally been bullied to death by the conspiracy of planetary forces now retrograding in the late degrees of Capricorn.

It’s going to be an emotional week…

Cancer New Moon at 28°♋27′:

With both the Cancer Moon and opposing Saturn dignified in this 180° standoff, life proffers us the uncomfortable prospect of feelings vs duty and obligation, viewed as rather a serious business in which ‘doing the right thing’ becomes tantamount, even if this means ignoring our instincts and emotions… or so it may seem.

There is a veritable Capricornucopia of pressures on us to ‘just grow up’ or face consequences of extended immobility, insecurity, moodiness, bleak depressions, negativity and fear. Saturn tries to dominate over the range of human emotions using interference and grimly divisive means.

Sensing this repression, people generally recede into their shells, avoiding closeness with one another. A social stiffness descends to inhibit even the closest of relationships. Under this archetypal ‘loner’ vibe, an uncomfortable, heavy curtain drops, even on our most magnificent performance. In a practical sense, it makes a fitting reason to stay apart from others, particularly given that the world is currently in the grips of an all-too-familiar pandemic state.

Fearful attitudes and prohibitive laws limit and confine our social interaction; opportunities become lost or wasted through the inability to take risks or chances; relationships are denied through growing distances, unnecessary health anxieties or fears around emotional intimacy. This becomes a perfect time to consciously self-isolate if only to focus on transforming old social habits, toxic interpersonal attitudes and clinging feelings of codependency.

We must agree that we are shifting into a new, more detached social paradigm, whatever form this is to take. We must accept this consciously, not keep saying it like some ‘new-age’ cliché. This is really happening now and the whole universe is conspiring to see how when we can actually let go of our emotional hang-ups. Our limitations on all levels will progressively dissolve as stress is released, allowing a new feeling of liberation to emerge. 

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The Mars trajectory – into the retrograde zone

After transiting past Chiron, Mars now enters his retrograde zone. Chiron has played a bit of a ‘mentoring’ role on the raw young warrior. The wounded healer and teacher of heroes has prepared Mars with stories that will surely rouse his atavistic heart to launch into battle for the silenced, the shamed and the unacknowledged.

Mars hence enters straight into a warzone, in which he must battle several adversaries at least once (many up to three times) before January 2, 2021.

Observe what happens with you now, as the staunch and fearless fire god first enters into his Rx shadow. The first phase will take us out until Sep 10.

Observe your anger, where you become triggered to act. You will experience many microaggressions over the next six months. In these, you will either stand your ground and fight it out, or retreat. There will seem at least two waves of anger. For some, there may not be a third.

Mars will head directly into some pretty ominous squares to Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn (the triad of inquisitors) allying only with his sister, Eris, and the dark moon Lilith. The month of August hence brings strife and mayhem which to many will seem akin to a witch-hunt, especially towards those prone or sensitive to feelings of tyranny, cruelty, denial, obfuscation and neglect. This is particularly so if you’re in the 15°14′–28°08′ cardinal range.

Lots of fireworks and spiritual pyrotechnics up ahead, indeed.

Anger Danger:

Do you sometimes get a temper; become inflamed; aggravated? It’s ok… anger is a perfectly natural, adaptive response to feeling threatened. It inspires powerful, often aggressive, feelings and behaviours which allow you to fight and to defend yourself when you feel attacked.

A certain amount of anger is necessary to ensure our survival. It’s when anger turns into hostility and violence that it becomes volatile and highly dangerous, both to yourself and others.

How do you vent your anger? Is it in a wholesome, ‘righteous’ way or do you just fly off the handle without knowing why? Chances are, during this first phase of Mars’ retrograde, you probably won’t act the way you think you should have ‘ought to’ acted. In fact, you may do something you will soon regret, including not having done a thing when perhaps you should have acted more immediately.

With Mercury in Cancer in square to both Mars and Chiron, you’re currently likely to feel aggravated by whimsical memories that trigger old, sometimes latent wounds. You might obsess with angry thoughts, even send inflammatory messages; get into arguments, but it’s most likely that your actions will probably be bottled up, suppressed under ominous weight imposed by the current Capricornian authoritarianism. ‘Doing the right thing’ becomes oppressive, even if it seems ‘right’.

When we feel criticised, censored or probed, our sense of autonomy feels under threat. We have a choice to fight or flight. But sensing the fear of facing up to the Capricorn reality, we may stall on the frontlines. We can inhibit or suppress our anger, convert it into constructive outlets like work, exercise or sport. The real danger is when we do not express our anger outwardly. Then anger can turn inwardly, on ourselves.

Unexpressed anger can cause hypertension, high blood pressure or depression. It can also develop into unhealthy expressions such as passive-aggressive behaviour (indirect hostility) or a disposition which is cynical and hostile. Red flags must be raised around those who are in the ‘sport’ of constantly putting others down, scrutinising everything, making harsh cynical comments. These are the ones who haven’t learned how to constructively vent their anger. Not surprisingly, these are the ones who are going to crack the whole scene open for ‘healing’ during this period.

Right now, our planet is heating up its people. Yep, that’s right, the earth is cooking up some fierce-ass warriors for some frontline action. If this is going to be a war of love & light over darkness, people must respond to the burning need to take some urgent action. In this, we must know that once we start something (or do nothing), we may be forced to commit to that directive for a while to come.

Mars will initiate a lot of scuffles through the August squares, some of them serious and nasty. He does not come into easy contact with Venus till late September in a golden fire trine from Leo over the Nodes. By this time the Sun will have reached Libra. Negotiations will be tough. It’s hard when everyone is ‘right’ and won’t go down. It will be a long time before we see any real peace. Those who are easily triggered better get their shit together and stop with the petty squabbling and fence-sitting.


These are bone-crunching times. Humans are being transformed into something completely new. To the old, this may appear most alienating, if not entirely alien from their emotionally conditioned self. The Great Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 00°♒29′ on December 21, will reset the society we once ‘knew and loved’ into a whole new pace.

By the time Pluto hits Aquarius in 2023, most humans will have become chipped up and ready to plug into the new matrix. Sure, there will be those who resist the upgrade to the neotech AI superintelligence. But if the choice to go against the trend defies nature’s overwhelming evolutionary direction of the current race of humans, our species will splinter, creating a terminal war which will not end until it sees the ‘survival of the fittest.’

So have a good look at how you’re going to either hold up your light or put up a fight. These next few months are going to divide us all into our lowest common denominator. The more we resist, the more the planetary forces will try to place a muzzle on us and keep us locked down in our private little cells – ready for treatment (like a colony of overgrown cancer cells). It behoves each of us to tune inward, and set a disciplined intention to do better, be healthier, stronger, fitter. As hard as that may seem, we must learn to discipline ourselves to fight for our survival, should the need arise.

By the middle of the week, the Sun moves into Leo. Integrity and sheer creative force is the product of feeling sound and secure about oneself. This cannot be expressed if we are not in wholehearted coherence with our spirit. We will begin to discuss this in our next Bus Episode (Thu/Fri).

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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