COSMIC BUS #2140 – Libra New Moon

A NEW MOON in Libra forges new alliances, and with MARS in the mix, our intention is not necessarily for peaceful purposes. Sometimes you have to convoke your warrior spirit and fight to achieve the kind of harmony and balance you wish to see in your world. Of course, some will be offended by our new stance, rallying for a counteroffensive.

Oppositions to CHIRON, inconjuncts to URANUS and a semisquare to lunation ruler VENUS almost entirely guarantee that certain areas of our lives will become upset by any strategic new bonds.

The disruptions caused by our decisions this week launch us into the whirlwind of anguish and betrayal that, in just the space of two weeks, produce irreversible schisms among even the most trusted persons in our lives and see us jumping into bed with most questionable fellows...

Tune in as we take a serious look at the astrology of now, maybe have a giggle at the absurdity of it all here on the cosmic bus.

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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