COSMIC BUS #2139 – Entering the Hall of Shame

With MERCURY stationing to retrograde at the 2020-22 PLUTO/ERIS hotspot, much discussion about secret agendas and ulterior motives is coming to light. With the SUN and MARS also in Libra, it is important to look at both sides and respect people's sense of urgency and hesitancy about all the little and big things that are playing out between us now.

There are ideas and ideals, and we all want to see "a better society", whether it's about freedom or control, or even something else. In many ways, however, we are being pressured to make decisions that will ultimately upset or even leave another behind.

At some point, you will weigh up the options and make a decision (or be forced to make it) about following the crowd. The crowd is safe, it provides securities established by a string of institutions, laws and constitutions. Yet these are divisive, designed to keep the crowd in and foreigners out. Deciding to leave is risky, for you will have to decide whether to go it alone, or perhaps join another crowd, whose views are perhaps not as familiar or as organised. Whether you choose to stay or go, turn left or right, you will have to fight, for your decision will attract tremendous pressure, derision, doubt and shame, and you will not want to go through this alone. And yet you must, and inevitably will, even if it tears you apart.

The forecasted events of next the next few weeks are profoundly intense, as SUN/MERCURY/MARS in Libra align in rare triple conjunction against CHIRON in Aries (Oct 09). There is much at stake here. How will you choose to stand?

Let us discuss our current dilemma more intensely, on my live lunation report, with the aid of the astrology of now. Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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