Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode 21#04] – Leo Full Moon

The Moon is a total paradox, unreliable in the sense that her face is constantly changing yet, if we study the regularity of her cycle, we will see that she is thoroughly dependable.

At times our dear Luna appears dark and elusive, shedding all but a slither of light upon our night, not quite enough to illuminate anything too clearly yet just enough to make us wonder. At other times her light is dimmed altogether, pitching such darkness upon our night that we are left in mystery and awe. And then, there are moments where you'll catch her fully iridescent, where there can be no question as to the majesty and grandeur of her glow.

In her next peak phase, next Thursday's Leo Full Moon (Jan 28), Luna promises a most illuminating epiphany, for better or worse. Aligned in stubborn squares to MARS/URANUS and opposing JUPITER/SATURN, our 'team sharers' are reaching their limits of tolerance on individuality (for its own sake) and childish self-centredness. Those who think the world revolves around themselves, better provide sound, scientific basis as to why we should keep giving them an audience...

The SATURN-URANUS squares of 2021 promise that this is going to be a world-changer of a year. Certain attitudes have got to go, and soon if we're hoping to shift to a whole different paradigm of group-consciousness and social understanding. Does that look at all like this will be an easy thing, given our instinctive need to feel unique and special?

Join us here, on the cosmic bus, as we discuss next week's Leo Full Moon and its bringing of a phenomenal awareness that on some level, all of that PAST nonsense is over and whether we accept/believe it or not, it's time to shift towards a new way of understanding and start discovering our genius...

Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode:

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