COSMIC BUS #2136 – Virgo New Moon

As the Moon slips away into her darkness, we pull back into our habitual nature, scour into our unconscious, looking for parts we need to purge. We need to find ways to act more diligently, responsibly. No other sign does this more efficiently than Virgo, and as we head into this next lunation, we look at why this period provides us with the skills and tools necessary to get through this all-maddening part of humanity's darkest days.

When the world seems possessed by a collective madness, it seems there are no limits to how far we will go to rid ourselves of the 'evils' in our lives. We intensely sense there is something grotesque about us, but are largely blinded by these dark forces, often behaving in ways that are distorted and sinister, both in our relationships and even within ourselves. We do things we do not want to do, compelled to act in ways that we are sometimes unable to control how far we go.

You may wonder where all this is heading. Well... just know that you will get through this but it's gonna take a little work to purge those sins and indiscretions.

In this episode, I look at aspects of our world that are behind some of this global mess and what you can do to help.

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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