2022 and the ARIES INGRESS [Cosmic Bus #2212]

Ang takes a look at the 2022 horoscope and ARIES INGRESS trends into the next 4-5 years; the slow dissolution of a distinct authority and the spiritualisation process of global leadership; the shift into globalised government; the march of artificial intelligence and augmentation of species; the threat of world war, epidemics and natural disasters; survival vs extinction; and a deep, impartial delineation of the natal chart of Vladimir Putin (both as an individual and as a key world leader) and possible implication of the current planetary transits upon his most dominant dynamics.

Understanding the background of what is happening in our world provides a symbolic analysis of archetypal ideas and principles in light of how the universe is produced and sustained. The closer we can approach and understand these principles in their pure essence, the more we will be able to interpret the current world trends with real insight and establish an 'unadulterated' astrology, one based on an understanding of causes rather than making assumptions about particular effects.

Pure astrology can increasingly liberate us from our natural prejudices and particular sympathies, which so often mar and upset our judgement. Let us adopt this approach here in order to enable us to see the pure potentiality of this critical period and its situation to liberate us from the tyranny of resignation, fear and apathy.

In this extended astrological analysis, Ang provides much insight and points of view upon which to ruminate and position ourselves. Enjoy.

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