Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2046]

The complexity of this moment is perhaps beyond the scope of understanding of many ordinary folks. Such is the intricacy of our problem here that we can barely fathom how near our civilization is to total collapse. The world is sleepwalking towards extinction, yet we are still pinning our hopes on 'leaders' and '4-year-terms' to better organise our wholly unsustainable economic systems, powered almost entirely on toxic fossil fuels.

We are destroying the balance of nature at an exponential rate and we think it amusing to fight among one another.

In truth, we are consuming ourselves to death and the more resources run low, the more we turn upon each other in the most treacherous, unkind way. Unless it is abolished, capitalism will not disappear when boom turns into bust. The same corporations who sold us bread and butter will quickly switch to reaping their profits from scarcity, crisis, disease, hunger, disaster, and conflict.

It seems obvious that fundamental changes are necessary, all the way down to our core values. What do we really value in life? Can we keep squandering our good energy, consuming our own toxic crap and still hope to live a healthy, prosperous existence?

We need nothing short of a miracle to happen here. That miracle - a wholly supernatural event - depends on your capacity to connect our nature to something greater; something more durable, unbreakable, a wholly renewable source...

What is that source??

Join Ang for an enlivening discussion on the Astrology of Now and the first instalment of "Working With Your Chart".

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