COSMIC BUS #2115 – Call to Action: Warriors of the Light over the Scourge of Global Darkness

Humanity's awakening to the realms of higher-dimensional fields, coincides with our transition into a New Age. As we gently move out of the Age of Pisces, the qualities of emotional suffering and sacrifice transform into higher reasoning and understanding of the interconnectedness of being through study into meta-science. Of course, this impacts all those things that Piscean science failed to understand, which dismissed all the mysterious phenomena as nonsense, illusion, magic, religious or miraculous experiences, and often evil lies and delusion and mental illness.

As our understanding of life evolves, so does our expansion of knowledge into its fundamental archetypes.

In this awakening, we realise we are neither constrained nor circumscribed by linear time, nor stuck in a seemingly cold, solid-object based universe in the way previously conceived by our forebears. It is this realisation that releases us from the mental constructs of the old, Newtonian (gravity-based) science by which we had believed ourselves to be restrained, separate from God (who art in heaven). We centre ourselves in a higher consciousness of self and open our exploration to the infinite possibilities of the quantum field.

We are currently at war with darkness. That darkness is in equal parts inner as it is outer. We are at war with our pessimism and negativity, as well as our tendency to toxic optimism.

Join us on the Cosmic Bus as we discuss the potency of Monday's ARIES NEW MOON, and our transition into a new light consciousness...

Here is a small sampling of the 60 minute deep dive provided on today's episode:

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