Discussing the month-long Venus/Pluto conjunction – “Stretching the Relationship to its Limits” [Cosmic Bus #2147]

A sustained VENUS-PLUTO conjunction is rare, and in the last, Virgoan decan of Capricorn generates enormous power of attraction in a particularly abstruse way.

It compels us to try anything to stay 'in the race to the top' by appealing to our sense of duty in an expressly mental way. Though this energy can be intensely sexy, there is a lot of obligation, expectation and guilt-driven mania applied in all relationships, not just the love-kind. Yet underneath there is a sense of massive distortion, wicked manipulations, and a hell-bent denial of the harm or willful ignorance of the dark side.

Come, sit around the campfire as we stop our cosmic bus to discuss the nuances and perils of this arguably crazy but transformative time. Something tells me that these 'holidays' will never be the same...

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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