Pre-Luna Eclipse Episode [Cosmic Bus #2219]

Do you feel antsy, edgy and restless and preoccupied with 'stuff'? Not sleeping properly? Feeling depressed and anxious??

Are your thoughts racing, emotions spiralling out of control?

Do you tend to absorb the negativity of others before you even know what's happening and how to manage them?

Are you prone to compulsions, make decisions you regret? Do you feel irritated and frustrated by anyone and everyone, complaining and moaning that certain people suck the life force out of you?

Where do these feelings come from?

In this special pre-eclipse episode, Ang delineates how current energies are pressing us to determine the source of our most unpleasant emotions and how to work on bringing them to a manageable, neutral place.

So come on board, sit down and enjoy (with lunar eclipse blessings x).

Enjoy this short snippet (members, login below to view the full 75-minute discourse):

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