COSMIC BUS #2146: Total Solar Eclipse at 12°22′ Sagittarius – “What Do You Believe is True?”

Things turn very 'anti' in December. A Total Solar Eclipse at the South Node (4th), visible only from the Ant-arctic, conjunct red superstar Ant-ares, Venus turns retrograde all over Pluto, Mars at the South Node, a Full Moon opposite the galactic centre (19th), we have the Solstice (21st) foreboding a Xmas to remember, and all the while, Saturn closes in for his 3rd square to an Rx Uranus (24th) while Jupiter completes his journey through Aquarius with a square to the Nodes (28th)...

The Solar Eclipse in Sadge hurls another curveball into our 'belief' systems. Narratives get so exorbitantly out of proportion that we wonder what to believe.

A South Node eclipse produces a massive power outage - in short, this eclipse asks us to temporarily (or permanently) disconnect from all narratives, sit with ourselves in a moment of suspended 'searching for truths' and see how our gut feels about what's going on. It's a moment that's been building for 18 months and it's time to put an end to all the horse manure falling out of the rear end of the Sagittarian South Node.

Much antistasis to discuss on this bus, please join me here and enjoy!

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

Empowering Horoscope Messages for the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

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