Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2050]- Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

Some cosmic mindfuckery going on in the lead-up to next week's South Node (SN) Eclipse at 23°♐08'...

MERCURY, ruler of the Gemini NN, hovers precisely over the SN - a mutual reception which calls on us to draw upon the thoughts and recollections from the past in order to work through the big lessons of our present.

Squares to all this from Neptune in Pisces not only confuses and distorts all memory and fact but just like a fictionalised retelling of any real historical event (see Netflix, etc.), we delude ourselves by adapting details into myths and taking parables and mystical tales too literally.

Why do we do this??

Join me as I take this eclipse apart for you live on the bus...

Enjoy this short excerpt from today's episode:

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