Are you in an abusive relationship? COSMIC BUS LUNATION REPORT: 1st Quarter Moon at 20°♑01′, Wed Oct 13, 2021

Enjoy this short snippet from Part 1 of our latest cosmobiological report:

We live in increasingly bizarre times. With the growing practice of censorship, shaming, cancel-culture, political recriminations, we are left with hardly anyone we can trust because either nobody dares to speak the truth or can no longer adequately distinguish truth with reason.

New relationships are formed solely on the basis of contention. The inner discomfort you may feel - the loss of logic, the confusion to which you are being brought, the cognitive dissonance you see in society, the propaganda & gaslighting in the media, the state where nothing seems to have any validity and you don't know what's what anymore is truly maddening.

When planets move in Retrograde, their energy is internalised which means they act on our conscience through our reflection, review and contemplation of recent experiences.

Coming to the end of a long retrograde period, amplified this past week by MERCURY's backspin on PLUTO/ERIS, we saw many conscientious leakers and whistleblowers step forward to spill their guts. With PLUTO being the first to turn direct (Oct 6), much of it has been about CORRUPTION & SECRET AGENDAS in government and big business (Capricorn). It's not the end, but rather the beginning of a big end, there. Pluto is only a few degrees away from entering Aquarius in 2023-24.

As SATURN now also turns direct, we are ready to accept a new state of 'normal'. But with a semi-square to NEPTUNE, how 'normal' is that? Painful, tortuous hang-ups, as well as creepily undermining circumstances, lead us into all kinds of sadness and emotional despair.

Neuroses and mysterious ailments, whose causes seem difficult to determine are plaguing our souls. In the obscure shadows, the growing threat of abuse and mind-manipulation becomes terribly vexing and almost impossible to manage, especially in our relationship with others.

This month then becomes extremely climactic for a number of reasons, and how we handle these can either be frightening or enlightening, depending on how much we can see through the veneer of this cosmic conspiracy to shut down, divide & subdue our way of life...

What is this new reality, and how much are you in control of things?

Enjoy another snippet from Part 1:

If you're lucid enough to observe that you may be increasingly more anxious and depressed, not eating well, sleeping enough, depending on drugs or booze, behaving very oddly, easily stressed, prone to extreme mood swings (like rage), feeling stuck, isolated, and unworthy, entertaining thoughts of self-harm or injury, then your world is probably at the precipice of a major collapse.

You are not alone.

These next few weeks are critical, and you may observe that many others are also close to cracking too. Try not to shift responsibility and blame anyone else for your condition. Do not allow others to add to your self-doubt and confusion. It is incumbent upon you to make a decision, perhaps the most important one of your life.It won't take much to reach breaking point, and transits indicate that at least one in every 10 people are close to the edge, sending all of society into a historic tailspin.

Breakdowns are a necessary part of the renewal process. Many of our relationships are seriously damaged, irreparable beyond their point of remaining sustainable. The global decline could be spectacular.

In our next cosmic bus episode, we continue our discussion on these prevailing planetary tensions, how they're affecting nearly every aspect of our lives and how to bring some light back into all this dark and heavy gloom.

Part 2 this Thursday Night (USA)/Friday Morning

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