COSMIC BUS #2138 – Pisces Full Moon

With the Sun now past his opposition to Neptune, those who aren't able to assess the credibility of what is presented will tend to trust those with whom they identify. You gotta ask whether they're happy to be fooled, or whether they're not in a position to figure it out for themselves.

Manipulative liars often know that you want to believe so they let you believe it. They blatantly lie or make ambiguous statements that allow you to deceive yourself because ultimately they know that you are neither capable nor willing to take responsibility to know the real truth.

With Mars now in Libra and Venus in Scorpio (both under bad signs yet mutually receptive) complifications and distorticulations run rife in our interpersonal affairs. Others will just allow you to believe whatever you want to believe, let you deceive yourself and you will courteously do the same because, in essence, neither of you is true nor can you be bothered to be because, to really do the work to make each other honest, could be seriously destructive to the whole charade you're part of...

What is happening, both out there and deep within you is neither right nor wrong; good or bad - it is just happening - although I'm sure you have your views and opinions. What is happening is the cosmic dance between light and shade - a mere illusion, tempered and given nuance and meaning based on your relative perspective and the filters you employ. Times like these can be intense, and your position is likely to be moved to its extremes.

Let us step into the centre of the circle, and discuss the symbolism of this moment from a neutral perspective.

Enjoy this short snippet from our latest cosmobiological report:

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