COSMIC BUS- Chirotic Full Moon in Libra [episode #2113]

When you have been wounded or betrayed, there is nothing more difficult than finding someone whom you can trust to recount your story; someone who will sincerely listen, support, then champion your cause for soul-restitution and guidance towards rebalancing your life again.

Yes, it is possible to heal, and those who can support you are here.

Those people are not rare, they are everywhere. They are you and me, being there to boldly stand up for each other. Sadly, it is the same society that breeds your psychopathic abusers who has also silenced and discredited your soul-healers & shamen, branding them as finks & charlatans because, in a strictly evidence-based world, their incredible work with empathy and spirit is dissed to seem incredulous.

The whole world is sick and its healing calls us to fiercely restore meaning and purpose again, not profit and expediency.

Here is a small sampling of the in-depth delineation provided in the weekly Cosmic Bus broadcasts...

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