Bull in the China Shop: The FULL MOON at 09°06′ Leo, Thursday, January 28, 19:15 UTC

What do you get when you have the Moon opposite the Sun/Jupiter/Saturn in square to Mars/Uranus, all in fixed signs?

Not much flexibility, that’s for sure…

This Full Moon takes basic archetypal principals – energies that are endemic to the way we structure and experience our lives and pits them up against one another in a rigid, complex dynamic which is, in itself, stressful and inclined to force an event.

Under a fixed T-square, there is a notable lack of adaptability or willingness to deviate from established patterns enough to compromise our interests. Hence, rather than seeing ourselves objectively as entities caught up in rigid patterns of behaviour – ego-drives and the emotional complexes which house them are more likely to break rather than bend under any pressure to succumb to necessary changes.

The Aquarius/Uranus dominance of this lunation implies that there will be much emphasis on freedom and equality. When these are thrust against the self-centred Leo Moon – a largely unconscious need for attention and appreciation; to feel ‘special’ about something and to have fun – we immediately sense the tension as unfriendly, even hostile and threatening to something held as very precious. In today’s emerging awakening of our individual sovereignty and humanistic self-importance, the individual seeks greater command over its own needs and desires and develops either resistance or resentment to being told that he/she must “fit in”.

We are, however, very much a part of a social order, a community or at least a family system which is made up of a set of tribal or customary expectations. Whether these are written in laws or culturally implied, we are expected to be somewhat compliant and respectful to the needs and wishes of those around us.

When the prevailing order, as set by the Aquarian Sun on the Jupiter/Saturn, is determined to remind us of values which are more about equanimous sharing and equilateral respect, the instinctive Leo Moon feels confronted and must either come to acknowledge these or feel left out in the cold by the seeming indifference. Those less-evolved types who cling tightly to their mistaken belief in their own hype or possess voracious susceptibility to flattery, react in most demanding ways.

Of course, we all feel this, since ‘the prevailing order’ is usually one which contradicts our own personal views and doesn’t cede to egotism without some degree of give-and-take. Here, the systemic problems of one-upmanship, control-dramas and undue competitiveness generate instances and episodes in which one or more parties are unwilling to go through the necessary self-effacement and compromise that a Full Moon often brings.

Egos are fragile things, and in a fixed Sun/Moon opposition, they are more likely to break apart than bend a little in an attempt to see eye to eye. The danger here comes from the square to Mars and Uranus which, under the normally placid sign of Taurus, can become unreasonably resistant to movement and change. This can be expressed as bullying or passive-aggressive behaviour. Under too much stress, planets in Taurus will shut down and refuse to budge. By its nature, Taurus is neither enamoured with the principles of ‘equanimous sharing’ or with ‘drama-queen displays’ around her rich, abundant paddock which she insists is hers and hers alone to commandeer as she pleases.

[art: Kevin Sloan]

Taurus’ ruler, Venus, is enmeshed in a dark, compulsive union with Pluto who will stop at nothing to possess everything that adds status, wealth, power and control in any relationship. Hence, it only complicates the matter of fixity around ownership and control and Pluto’s corrosive nature is that it can destroy the soul of anything it tries to devour.

There are mitigating factors, for the Moon’s trine to Chiron in Aries lends an element of soothing empathy to all those who feel slighted or ‘wounded’, teaching them how to stand up for themselves and assert their individuality. Yet, this can only spark the fire of those who feel they deserve more. Whether they feel they are in the in-crowd or an outsider, it only emboldens the spirit towards some sort of resistance or a staunch determination to liberate oneself from any restrictions or expectations that do not pander to the individual’s need to feel loved and appreciated for their own ‘specialness’. The default is to have a temper tantrum, take one’s toys and recede back to one’s own sandbox, and the social complications these cause are too many to be listed here.

Overall, this lunation, heavily activated by the Mars/Uranus (intervention) and Jupiter/Uranus (lucky breaks) midpoints, unlocks the release valve to any built-up pressures stored in the body, mind and spirit, generating a precipitous moment of sudden, reactionary liberation, insurrection and even revolutionary storms. This may be triggered either internally (awakenings) or as a result of external pressures in one’s sociopolitical arena (upsets and disruptions).

There are many factors in our current lives which contribute to this dynamic, and I cover these extensively in the last Cosmic Bus episode and below through each of the signs. Please login (or sign up) to your cosmic tribe account to read your personalised horoscope message for this lunation.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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