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Venus (20°50′) opposition Pluto – Wednesday, Jun 06  2018

Any relationship loaded with obsession is going to take you off the rails.

Whether for pleasure or to inflict pain, whatever it is you got a sting for, will ultimately mess with your power and self-control. Whoever you just want to fuck (or fuck over) is going to pull you so far from your energetic centre that by the time (if ever) you become aware of what it’s doing to you it will most certainly be too late to go back. You have been possessed. No longer your old self.

You have been transformed into something else. Look at you…

Sometimes we need such relationships to mess with us. They slowly break us down into the smallest particles, and in our blind desire to devour and overpower another entity, our former lives become corrupted and destroyed forever.venus opposition pluto, venus pluto synasty, venus pluto hard angle, venus pluto love, venus pluto relationship, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic

Come now to realise the powerful “mommy/daddy” interdynamic in your affairs. Nobody’s truly going to take care of you without manipulating you to change somehow. Is it a change you wish to make?

If not, learn to pull yourself away and take care of yourself. Ask others to do the same.

See how your shadow nature may have become aroused by the warped and twisted Pluto energy, sending the love relationships into a demanding, possessive, domineering and emotionally demoralising affair.

Deep inner work is necessary in order for us to confront our demons. If we can access the darker side of our psyche we stand to reach a state of self understanding and hopefully make some serious individual transformation. Much maturity is necessary though. It’s hard to fight off Pluto’s compulsions to satisfy his hidden agenda. If Aphrodite finds herself all strapped in leather, covered in welts and submissively chained to the bed, then this may be the day she wakes up feeling torn – physically gagged, emotionally battered, jaded and cynical, and her only thoughts about the preciousness of love are extremely conditional and prone to all kinds of nasty manipulation.

Mutual acceptance, deepest understanding and an effort to do the inner work are the only way this affair is going to evolve with you, you want to get your power back. Otherwise, if you’ve allowed yourself to fall into the throes of abuse, you may have to take some serious steps to broker some ‘deal’ which can re-empower you or at least mitigate the negative psychological impact of this affair… Either way, you won’t leave until the inner work is done, and even if if it’s over, the trauma and abandonment may haunt you for lifetimes.

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