Cancer Moon triggering Cardinal Cross

Dear angels and diligent footsoldiers,

On a more serious side note here… case you ain’t realised. There’s some heavy shit going down in the world that’s been getting stinkingly fishier every day.

I accept that life can seem bleak enough that some days you don’t ever wish to look at the daily news, face the truth (which is colourfully embedded in all the propaganda and horseshit). I know… Better just to pull the covers over our heads and worry only about how to get through another day, until that magical day arrives when someone opens a magic portal, or mystical gateway and sucks our ass up into those higher planes, right?

No wonder you’re feeling crap…

It’s time to take a long, hard look at your life and start living more purposefully:
STEP 1: Come here, check it out (take off those stupid rosey spectacles)
STEP 2: Ask yourself, what can i do about all this?
STEP 3: Ask yourself whether you are ignoring STEP 2
STEP 4: Do something (anything) about STEP 3
STEP 5: Make a decision (use your words of truth to make a mission statement… write ’em down… stick ’em on the fridge)
STEP 6: Take some fucking action (remember to come from a place of compassion)
STEP 7: Persist with STEP 6 until you get a result.

This “place” is fast running out “time”…

…case you missed the big Full Moon message, here@

PS. It’s nearly time for Bublé to bust out out with those jovial ditties about what Xmas is all about.

cardinal grand cross, cancer moon, pluto in capricorn, uranus in aries, mars in libra

Originally publishes 29-11-2015

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