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Full Moon at 3°20′ Gemini – 25th November 2015, 23:45 UTC

Full Moon 22The transit of the Full Moon is always a marker for some truly major turning point in our lives. At such times, our most intimate affairs become reflected and focused outwardly for us to address. This Full Moon falls in mutable/air sign Gemini, setting the mood for a changeable intellectual impetus – where thoughts, ideas, discussions, and generally any correspondences that we deal with on a mundane level become the matter of interest.

This Full Moon in complicated in that it aligns upon the almost exact Saturn/Neptune square (0°A03′), with the Sagittarius Sun forming conjunctions to Mercury(4°S42′) and Saturn (3°A37′). This imbues us all with a sense of sobriety and seriousness and, where Sagittarius is concerned, the quest to arrive at a ‘truth’ from a truly higher place. In fact, where Mercury/Saturn are connected, there seems to be a strictly cynical, deeply critical, even stressful emphasis to come up with a convincing argument to justify one’s beliefs. Preferably if one could verify the truth with a little exaggerated bullshit, and preferably using a conventional source  – perhaps someone involved in the law, church, state politics, academia, mainstream media, or academic scholar with esteemed philosophical or ideological standpoints which will sit comfortably with all our usual instinctively rational expectations.

We will buy into anything, as long as it sounds about right and is coming out of the right mouth.

Of course, this whole ‘Saturn‘ thing is set to raise greater seriousness for us to deal with, but Neptune’s T-Square on this Sun/Moon polarity really complicates things immensely.  Where Saturn sets the dour mood with his serious-mindedness, Neptune seeks only to undermine the whole deal by introducing all kinds of alternative concepts, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime (and every variation in between), muddying and blurring the picture so much, for so many,  that we may find it impossible to follow (let alone believe) what on earth is going on.

Many of us may tune to into the more Saturnian arm of this debate, demanding the truth be verified in such a way that we are accustomed to hearing it. And though it may not actually be the real truth, we’d be most comforted if it was put to us into tangible, conventional terms, just like we’re used to. We really want to believe something that sits well with our instinctive nature, that though we cannot verify with facts and evidentiary proof, at least it damned well sounds right. And sure, it may be a little scary, and laden with a bunch of new, tighter controls and rules and structures, it may promise a world where there are less freedoms and latitudes for fun, laughter and frivolity, but at least it’s comforting to know that it will bring us some security. So long as we stick with the discipline prescribed by those authorities. Right?


…and then there’s Neptune.

Neptune, ruler of the sea, and all possible variations and underwater permutations to what appears on Saturn’s dry land, comes along to test all this by squaring both Sun and Moon axis. On one side, there are our fickle, fluctuating instincts (as indicated by the Gemini Moon), and the other side, our devoutly cynical, pompously-sophisticated, hard-edged skepticisms (Sagittarian Sun/Saturn/Mercury) are being washed over by a successive series of subtle, slowly undermining cavalcade of Neptunian waves.

These pulsating waves from a vast, collective universe of alternative worlds are here to introduce us all to the infinite possibilities, many beyond our humble comprehension, gradually exposing us to a strange, sometimes very confusing world where receptivity, impressionability and vulnerability eventually lead us into a greater sympathetic understanding of ourself and of others…

It’s actually a beautiful thing… if you’re up for that. Requires a whole ‘nuther level of faith though.

Certainly these platitudes are not for everyone.

For many folks trying to keep things safe and predictable, this level of uncertainty, confusion and often delusion grates negatively against our basic tendency to want to keep things structured and secured by conforming to what we know works best. At the same time, we are also somewhat cognizant that if we do deny any effort to escape the hard constructs of this excruciatingly existential world that life can become truly insufferable.

Structure without inspiration becomes depressing.

That is why many are reaching for their medicaments and withdrawing during this particularly heavy transit.

And besides… with this Full Moon’s hard alignment also to the current Venus/Uranus opposition, we are coming to terms with our strident inability to hold consistently stable attachments in our relationships, meaning that we may be left in a state of high anxiety/low despair.

What to do??

The Moon in Gemini will typically engage us all in exchanging ideas, reports, pictures, blogs, memes – any information whatsoever. The Sun/Saturn is pressing us to believe that the only legitimacy lies purely on a system that is tried and tested by a consensual, man-made edict or law, possibly propaganda. Neptune in Pisces says “none of that, thank you, let’s try something wonderful and completely out of this world”… whilst the Uranus/Venus breaks us out of any co-dependent comfort zone, and sharply leaves us feeling cold, yet instantly filled with an air of excitement about what might happen.

What we are seeing now, in this2015 – year of great divergence’ is the pronounced split of our world into at least three distinct universes. This is not new, just starkly obvious from this point on. A division of our experience into three highly distinct planes of consciousness will determine on which level many of us will align ourselves, and how we henceforth deal with some of the usual nonsense that goes on around us.

3rd dimensional reality – Saturn

Matter is experienced as completely solid; forms are dense. Time is experienced as linear (past/present/future). The spirit is at the mercy of lies, distrust, deceit, anger, upset, fear, pain, resentment, suffering due to the willful creation and manipulation of matter for the distinct intent to grant and deny attachment/ownership.

Structures are rigid, finite and absolute. We use words like ‘never’,  ‘always’ and ‘forever’. Shit hurts when it isn’t what we wanted it to be or what it promised that it ‘should’ be for us. We make value judgements of duality such as ‘right and wrong’, ‘good and bad’.

4th dimensional reality – Uranus

Matter is less dense, lighter here. Experiential awareness of the contrast of duality, just without the value judgement. Things exists as opposites, such as left & right, up & down, male & female, light & dark, but without attachment to a preference. Things just are, in contrast to what they are not. A sense of detachment exists. Time is experienced as a perennial state of ‘Now’. We see things with clarity and compassion, beauty and wonder, and we operate from a place of selective choice rather than being driven by our emotional, security-based reactions. We understand that things are in a constant state of flux and what was true in another moment has a different application, a different connotation of how it may exist (in truth) in this present moment.

This transitional dimension helps us to understand that all structures (time/matter/space) are impermanent, and leads us out of the third and into understanding the fifth dimension.

5th dimensional reality – Neptune

Dense vibrations such as fear, anger, resentment, blame, hate are non-existent at this level. Here is a lightness that transcends space and time and the experience is one of constant merging with the Oneness. There is no experience of separation, everything is experienced as a continuous, infinite stream that is part of a greater whole. Here exists no better or worse, higher or lower no fear or distinction, no judgement, no error – the divine perfection allows an acceptance of true understanding, sharing, enjoyment, evolving – together as one, in unison, as one great universe.

An all-pervading compassion is now infused with wisdom, and cooperation, kindness, respect, unconditional love allow each of us to become co-creators of this universe. An ability to manifest any reality, then just as wilfully dissolve it to re-create another, exhibits a complete mastery over all lower dimensions. Without any identification to self or other, we act from an egoless state for benefit of the greater whole.

Consciousness here exists beyond the lower, rational mind. Forms are not only indefinable, the array of possibilities is truly infinite – sounds, smells, flavours, colours are richer, wider in range, more vibrant in depth… our intelligence connects to intergalactic realms and we are able to connect to the energies of stars, angels, extraterrestrial beings and other intelligent light forms that have been ushering their help upon this planet for eons – we become aware that we are indeed part of a greater cosmic tribe, united together for the greater intent of the universe.

The transition

Let’s understand, there are no clear distinctions or boundaries between one dimension and the next. Humans are operating at various gradients between the primary three. Some are even functioning at lower, and it is possible that there are those operating on higher dimensional realms again.

This Gemini Full Moon augurs a strong turning point. Human beings today are blessed to be present during a pivotal evolutionary development which is not only occurring in the reintegration of the human brain but also in the spiritual development of the human psyche. The current limitations around accessing 90-95% of the normal human brain function will gradually become reactivated through our connection to our Higher Self. This reconnection to the higher channels of communication will activate a higher awareness , both individually and collectively, allowing those of you who are awake to the higher 4th and 5th dimensions to truly know yourself at the Soul level.

Be who you came here to be.  Allow yourself to channel your richly inherent spiritual abilities. Open your communicational lines to include clairvoyance, telepathic empathy and abstract intuition.

And have an amazing Full Moon.

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