New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer (and the über-tight Merc/Mars/Venus/Saturn/Pluto ‘Hard Cradle’)
…in a nutshell.

Ok, just to put it into really terse, simple language…

Rarely, but sometimes you get beyond flummoxed by the sheer brutality of others’ audacity to have things their way. There comes a point where even you (yes, you my dear, sweet heart) give way.

I mean wtf??new moon in cancer, astrology aspects, cancerian moon, ang stoic

Ultimately, doesn’t matter how kind you can be, it is difficult to take offers of negotiation seriously which are neither friendly, nor respectful of your position, your cultural values, your self-worth, your peace of mind, your security, freedom of choice your personal dignity, etc. – and this not only refers to what you represent to date, but all the wonderful things that you could be.

That ruthlessly ambitious, pushy a**hole is only thinking about his OWN self-interests here without so much as a mere thought about you, your family/tribe or the damage he is capable of causing to your precious heart. Because to him, a deal isnew moon in cancer, astrology aspects, cancerian moon, ang stoic just a deal, and YOU? – You, and your whole ‘backyard operation’ are all just expendable pieces of collateral fluff that he could very well trample over if you threaten to impede upon his maniacal agenda for wild possession and world domination.

QUESTION: How much longer are you going to tolerate all this madness [seriously] before you either break down into tears, or just wake up to the whole gig and burst out laughing in this obnoxious dickhead’s face?

[pics: Vanessa Allan Co.]


Originally Published ~ 10/07/2015

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  1. wow young man you are definitely plugged in much appreciated Bless You have a great week:)

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