Sol enters Aquarius

The Heroic journey of the Sun continues. After his month in Capricorn  he has realised that importance and power are hard fought things and demand a lot of responsibility. Responsibility is cool, but it’s not necessarily much fun. He found that he always had to act maturely, be sensible, sacrifice his freedom to be wild and spontaneous and it was always about working on moving the project forward… upward. Always with project.  So he has managed to climb to the top of the heap, it was an astounding and worthy accomplishment, yet he found that it was, in many ways, an increasingly isolating part of the journey. Ultimately, it was a little melancholy to find that it is indeed very lonely at the top, even though the view from the summit of his climb was truly spectacular.

What Sol seeks right now is a little company to share his excitement. He thinks it’s time to share the success and legacy of his achievement. And with this notion he considers that whilst this is something he may share with his family or employees, he would prefer if there was an element of detachment in his social contacts mostly because he wishes to distance his interests away from his own business. And if these contacts were into similar interests there would be opportunities to share insights on how to develop and improve his own.

So his entry into the land of Aquarius is taken with enormous excitement. From the summit of his Capricorn climb he sees a wonderful city in the distant sky, a complete futuristic utopia with dome-shaped buildings and superior crafts circulating around a cityscape, more akin to his notions of what tomorrow may look like than what the drudgery of what he is accustomed to. Excitement abounds and as Sol continues this month’s journey, he begins to sense a similar excitement about the anticipation among others who share his journey. He begins to make new friends, those who seem on par with Sol’s own level of accomplishment, share similar interests and whose visions and quest into the future align to his own humanitarian concerns:

What does it mean to be human?

What kind of circumstance are we caught in?

What kind of structures (if any) can we put in place within this society to assuage the pain and accentuate the glory and the wonder of our journey upon this plane?

10590400_348504381990942_6223927718923867991_nThis month we seek not just to see a future. Through our network of peers – those friendly souls that share this space and time with us, connected to us simply in their ideals and ideologies, we seek to summon enough insight and support to break through into a whole new paradigm of existence. We seek a future version of ourselves that may be supported by our society and culture, one that encourages us to thrive and to enjoy the experience of every success and dismay of being a human being.

Every year when Sol traverses through this land of Aquarius we gain considerable insight and inspiration on how to progress, reform and evolve to a higher level of existence in life’s great helix of spiritual ascension.

What does your future hold?

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