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The Sol Journey: The Initiation into the Spirit Light

[pic: Patrick Kraaijeveld]
Sol’s pass before Neptune has left him in an altered oceanic state, blissing him farther into the nether-regions of the universe than he could ever imagine. [click here to read the previous episode]

Although Sol cannot distinctly define his encounter with Neptune through Pisces, he has somehow sensed the subtle effects of that experience very intensely. Though he is uncertain about all that mattered to he before, he is certain of one thing now: that since he passed through Neptune’s nebulous waters, he has developed a remarkable ability. He is now able to see and receive the Spirit Light in profound new ways. Ways he cannot even articulate or describe. Not only can he sense it in new ways, but he is also able to disperse it, softly and radiantly, so that it permeates through others in ever so gentle ways. In this, not only does he come to sensually and exquisitely acquiesce the highest meaning and purpose to all existence with vast, unfathomable depth but he also possesses the purest, most piercing clarity into all the infinite and indefinable truths and interconnections of every aspect of every possible universe.

Or so he believes… [read more…..]

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