The Sol Journey: The Initiation into the Spirit Light

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Sol’s pass before Neptune has left him in an altered oceanic state, blissing him farther into the nether-regions of the universe than he could ever imagine. [click here to read the previous episode]

Although Sol cannot distinctly define his encounter with Neptune through Pisces, he has somehow sensed the subtle effects of that experience very intensely. Though he is uncertain about all that mattered to he before, he is certain of one thing now: that since he passed through Neptune’s nebulous waters, he has developed a remarkable ability. He is now able to see and receive the Spirit Light in profound new ways. Ways he cannot even articulate or describe. Not only can he sense it in new ways, but he is also able to disperse it, softly and radiantly, so that it permeates through others in ever so gentle ways. In this, not only does he come to sensually and exquisitely acquiesce the highest meaning and purpose to all existence with vast, unfathomable depth but he also possesses the purest, most piercing clarity into all the infinite and indefinable truths and interconnections of every aspect of every possible universe.

Or so he believes… [read more…..]

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Sol wonders now if this wonderfully clear perception of the Spirit Light is his direct connection to God?

In recent days, his opposition to Luna in Virgo has drawn his attention to Gaia, who sat between them. The Earth Mother is not happy. In her full state of reflection Luna has tried to comfort her through Virgo. The citizens have become emotionally absorbed in the minutiae of everyday life and have begun to squabble over petty things… over the most insignificant of details. Sol sees this, and tries to bring some light onto the matter. Using his psychic sensitivity he reminds those affected by the Virgo Moon to stay kind and compassionate towards one another.

The Gaia citizens seem far from centred. Their five bodies: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the higher self seem severely misaligned and it is not easy now to bring things back to balance and harmony. Sol sees them as potentially sick, wounded, stressed and ridden with anxiety. Many have lost connection to the pure Spirit Light, adopting only distorted and corrupted versions which they have now progressed from habitual to compulsive practices. He can see that they feel greatly mislead.

Sol’s ‘Full Moon’ moment with Luna has revealed that any inability to see the pure Pisces light as a hint towards expressing more compassion towards one another is only leading to bickering and war. Many see Sol’s attempts to shine his unifying Pisces light upon them as idealistic and possibly unrealistic. Not many are willing to play into the self-sacrifice and the empathy necessary to help one another come to a neutral place. They distort Sol’s message and instead choose to engage in self-glorifying imaginings of themselves.

However, the distress and disease on Gaia is starting to affect her entire energy field. Unknown to many on Mother Earth, at times such as this, the human painbody is itself searching through its ancient tribal and genetic memory bank imprints, trying desperately to find a pre-established pattern with which to align. In the past, Gaia’s conditions – her structured operating system, her physical and karmic laws, imposed by Saturn, have always provided some reliable pattern by which her people could conduct their lives. Yet, much has changed over the years…

Since 2012, fierce wars between Uranus and Pluto have seriously stirred the resonant frequency of the Earth Mother. Her special shield, the electromagnetic field that protects all living things with a natural frequency pulse that keeps all things in harmony has shifted into higher octaves. Severe and repeated jolts to this special force field have considerably affected human nervous systems, causing them to become permanently rewired – especially since the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014.

This frequency shift has affected the way humans are able to comply with any previous models of a compatible ‘reality’. Finding none, they have long embarked on their own journey to find an alternative ‘reality’ match. In the process of doing so, their five body levels between the lower and higher selves are now starting to endure considerable discomfort and confusion. Sol experiences this as deeply concerning, yet mystifying, and though he sees Gaia’s anguish and the angst, he is also filled with promise and hope for unity.

He has summoned a meeting with Chiron, the wise, yet damaged medicine-mangod, who understands the human condition well due to his personal affinity with mortal suffering. Chiron’s understanding of both Saturn’s application of ‘linear time’ and Uranus’ interceptive ‘present tense’ makes him the perfect guide to assist Sol in mediating his great new visions of a ‘New Earth’ to inspire those on Gaia. Through his own mortal suffering, Chiron knows just how to relate to wounded humans on the Earth Mother. He uses the wonderful gift of story-telling. Sol also calls upon the wise, strategic warcrafts of the goddess Athena. He knows that story-telling is not enough to bring about healing change now. What Sol needs most is an action plan, one that provides the most effective way to implement a return of balance to the mind/body/heart/spirit and soul of every human.

As SOL, CHIRON and PALLAS ATHENA, come together in the tightest pact possible, all sourcing Spirit Light from distant stars like Markab (in the constellation of Pegasus), Sol is set to induct his Pantheon of Gods into a new way forward.

At this time, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are still clashing. This will be their final battle. Yet, as goddess Vesta is there to  their battlescars will become the necessary focus for the new healers and holders of the  Something significant is coming through that will soon alter their course entirely. The great change everyone has been fighting for is finally about to come…

Meanwhile, the citizens of Gaia are on the verge of a great evolutionary leap. Sol is developing a plan to bring them all through an initiation, a rite of passage from one level of experience to another. Gaia herself, is facilitating this motion by shifting her own resonant rhythms to hold space for the evolutionary shift, as if she is assisting us to lift the veil, initiating us to the quickening energy that is coming through, enabling those going through the human experience to (finally) see their true nature.

As Sol, now teamed with Chiron and Athena starts to radiate his new, light transmissions, new parts of the human brain are being activated and ready to use to receive more light. This will initially bring up some painful stuff – symptoms that are simply the body’s response to these phenomenally changing vibrations. Old wounds are being triggered on all five levels of somatic function. It is these reminders of pain that most use to identify with who they actually are… stuff we need to forgive and to let go if we are to align with Sol’s vision for a new way of being.

Sol will soon square with Saturn. The old taskmaster is not too amused by all this ‘lightworking’ nonsense. He doesn’t get it, doesn’t see its value, doesn’t want to understand it or put up with it. He will do everything to deny that any alternatives exist to his own established structures in place.

…deep down though, the old devil knows his crusty days are numbered, and he feels the strain to lift the lid on his whole 3D drama of limitation and duality.

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