Sol enters Capricorn – 21st December

15407_354881948019852_285610191404681498_nThe journey through Sagittarius has brought our Hero, Sol, out of the wide world of travel, entertainment, and ventured experience of lands beyond the mundane – a university of interesting subjects to study and to expand his love of wisdom, finally to integrate all his recent learnings into a coherent code by which to live by. The guiding forces of consciousness-seeking Jupiter and the self-centred, cutting-edge insightfulness of Uranus in Aries have found him decidedly embracing a philosophy that true belief is most tangibly accessed through his atonement with himself – a celebration of his own creative power and a determined effort to stay mindful and present. Only in becoming an emanating source point of self-awareness can he begin to flow consciously and harmoniously through his universe, without doubt that he has made the wrong decision.

As he is about to cross the divide from the fiery planes of Sagittarius in to the craggy rocky terrains of Capricorn, our Hero stops to pray. He takes a moment to take in the challenges ahead, and in this moment he summons all his senses, his presence of mind. He calls in all the spirits of the universe to join him in his ritual meditation, where he will bring stillness and silence the crowd of voices in his mind, low enough to hear only the voice of his own spirit- the pure intelligence that lies within, the one he has discovered is the truest and most faithful guide. He asks for wisdom, strength and composure, and pays humble gratitude for all that he has endured, and all that is to come. He knows he will be ready for anything that comes his way because he is capable and worthy.

1545623_354881834686530_5355347582051817220_nCapricornia appears to be place so dry and punishingly hard, where every footstep must be carefully positioned to survive and endure its precariously posed challenges – the mountainous ascents, sheer-faced cliffs, the treacherous falls from taking one wrong step due to unstable footing, and of course, with reward – the breathtaking vistas one will only experiences after an ambitiously long and arduous climb onto the pinnacles of final success.

This is a magnificently earthy land. It is the ruling domain of Saturn and a place so punishingly gritty and real that unless one is prepared to play his game fairly, steadily, thoughtfully and methodically, knowing every step is equally as important, that one last step could very well be considered the last. Accepting that the consequences for failure to comply by the rules (ultimately governed by gravity) are  a sound  as a direct fall from opportunity and grace must be learned early in the journey. There are few excuses for failing to understand the basic laws of gravity. Equally as severe is often the rather limiting realisation is how one ends up being placed in the general scheme of things if the should fail to play their cards right. One gets few shots at proving their honour and earnest abilities in this land.

Those who succeed at climbing to the dizzy heights of Capricornia will naturally reap the great rewards of being in a much more secure position. Certainly they will not be as vulnerable to attacks from the bottom-feeders, but also being placed on higher vantage means staying able to maintain an edge, developing further strategies for future defence by having higher vision to anticipate both threats and opportunities alike, well in advance.

Higher presence means greater scope, enhanced visibility and better recognition. Everyone applauds an achiever. On a level playing field everyone acknowledges how hard it is to reach the higher levels, it takes skill, perseverance, endurance. And those below are eager to please in hope that it may somehow facilitate their own climb. Succeeding here demonstrates a strength of character and indicates to all an ascension that is of course hard to refute or mistake or mistake for its merit. Even if one has ascended through the assistance from those higher up, that is accepted as a skill and credit unto itself. For it is not just the tenacity to work hard to accede the ragged mountain of success, but possessing the talent of staying so impeccable that one is not perceived as any threat to his superiors, but more as an amiable fellow, a valuable asset to whom they are willing to assist by escalating faster. This is the benevolence of the paternal love often seen in Capricorn. A kind of elite society etiquette that breeds and promotes the ascension of its own kind, provided of course that they play by, abide to and respect the prescribed order of things on ‘the hill’.

Our Hero prepares himself. He knows it’s going to be a tough stride.

He knows it is now time to put his Sagittarian learnings and all his newfound principles to the test. He is about to graduate from the ivy leagues of exponential growth, take his “degree in the Universe” and wind it forward into the “Real World”, where every word, every motion, every step he takes will be watched carefully by every one above him. If he plays his cards right he will do well.

His most supportive ally, Luna, is just moments behind. A New Moon – a brand new phase will commence in the first few degrees of Capricorn.

What will be their ambitious mission statement together?

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