Sol, in the land of Aries.

Lots of fire.
Sparks in every encounter.
Hard to keep up with the pace.
Sol has learned fast that in order to get through this, he has not only needed to step up his ‘attention’ game, he must also drive harder, faster, fight more fiercely – he must win at all costs. Be the best every time. Failure is not an option here, and second place is not place at all.

Here in Aries, there is always some other rambunctious rising star that is going storm in and try to steal his light.

So he does everything he can in the most immediate way available to him. He contends, again and again. Sometimes he wins first time, sometimes he falls… After a short, temper-fueled moment of anger and resentment, he gets over his tantrum, gets up and enters the contest again. Again, again and again, and again and again and again…  Until he get’s his way. Without regard for embarrassment, repercussion, risk, injury or serious harm. Those things are not an option here.

It’s the only way in Aries land. Seems like nobody here has any interest or appetite for reflection or imagination about what might go wrong. It’s about winning through action, repeat, practice, repeat again, and fortitude through presence of one’s inner fighting spirit. Seems like it’s every star for himself here. None of this ‘collaboration’ nonsense… There’s no glory in that! Getting help is just.. well it’s weak. And after all, there can be only one true champion.

His encounter with retrograding Venus (Mar 25) only forewarned him that love and other catastrophes would await him. So it did soften his combative stance to tend a little more to sweetness and easiness in his pursuits for victory and prizes.

Then, his conjunction with Luna on New Moon (Mar28) only supported and accentuated that this part of the journey was really only about asserting himself, his exceptional personal power, his formidable leadership character – all by products of his driving urge to achieve his own, single-pointed objectives ahead of all the others and do it with enthusiasm, courage, boldness and audacity; to stand ahead and be the best damned warrior star in the land, spare none.

Sure he would run into into the odd quarrel or unpleasantry, but hey… there are always going to be those who do not understand the importance of being number ONE (numero UNO)…

So a few cuts and bruises there… so what?
Glory has its scars as well as its medals.

His opposition against Jupiter from Libra didn’t go down so good (Apr 7). Seems the emetic Jupiter was still drivelling out his ‘phoney’ ideals about diplomacy and fairness and spoke many a strange tongue about restoring balance and harmony to the lands and ‘working together’, which only aggravated Sol. In any sense, as an attempt to show some level of co-operation and as a token of his camaraderie, our increasingly storming Sol decided he would best go around to admonish and berate some of Jupiter’s favourite enemies and not so agreeable neighbours.

Though impressive, his unannounced, voluntary visits to known badass (Pluto) in the land of Capricorn certainly created some degree of controversy and dismay after he squared of with him directly, fired a few threatening rounds of his tempestuous missiles of ire, fire, and lockhorn headbuttery.

Pluto was not amused. The dictatorial lord of the underworld has been taking repeated bursts of heat from the radical Uranus (also in Aries) over these last few years. Though his resolve to preserve his absolute control has been indomitable, it has certainly been challenged, Pluto has learned much from his clashes with Uranus. He has realised that to hold onto his complete power that he must keep up with the technology and the innovation of today. Pluto’s trajectory and force has always been massive: atomic, as a matter of fact. But Uranus’ protests and audacious divulging of top-secret practices has only been insulting and injurious to Pluto’s powerbase (money, political force, sex, corruption, threats of violence, etc..). Over these past few years, many repeated exposés have been rather diminishing and unacceptably shocking to how Pluto does business in the long corridors of power. So much disruption to the matrix of complete control has not been good for business, church or government. All this has left Pluto distanced and disconnected from those top officials in every land, upon whom he had masterful held a tight reign through carefully conspired deals and secret agreements. It has only made him paranoid and more tech savvy for security.

And now… this hasty, forthright, outright assault from this heroic little upstart Sol, who at no notice whatsoever has gone around to the esteemed land of Capricorn; pumped up by talk of ‘diplomacy’ and ‘inter-relational affairs’ by this quasi-Liberal PR shyster Jupiter; incited and enticed to shoot his Aries guns across their bowers. What a smarmy little tyke!

Well… this is nothing… yet. Nor is it diplomatic, friendly, peaceable or anything to do with business. This act, from Sol in Aries is a show of intrepid heroism, and in the most inimitably definitive sense puts our Hero on the star map as the one of the universe’s brightest ornament.

Sol is now gearing up to meet up with Uranus himself. Electric shocks, quakes and jolts and lightning bolts are certainly in store for everyone. Uranus is the wildcard here, and in Aries it’s all about being first. There is no such thing as any other position, and sure, all these fancy things about diplomacy, tact, ‘relations’ partnerships and alliances etc.. sound nice, to the Sol/Uranus fusion they’re just stupid distractions which in many ways, achieve nothing. These guys in Aries want to see some action. Some results  here please. Now…! Sitting on our hands is only going to make them numb, and what a dull waste of energy that is….

And now..,. [clap, clap!]

…decisions. Preferably quick ones; made on the run; during the heat of the action; where fiercest struggles inspire one to take courageously insightful turns at being one’s absolute best.
This is how we roll here.

The meeting with Uranus is destined to spin things into a state of accelerated frenzy from this point forward.
Already Jupiter is shaking his head over Sol’s efforts towards ‘diplomacy’ and ‘justice’. The god of wisdom and higher understanding doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Jupiter has been at odds with Uranus for months now, and knows just how unreasonable and self-centred that oddball’s attitudes about reform and progress are. His obstinate efforts are at best unprepared, tactless and brashly inflammatory. He has ruined the fabric of civility with his repeated ramming of a fine set of laws, codes, ethics and an observance of morality and honour. He know too well that now, when Sol imbues his intense star-power by fusing efforts with Uranus, the whole state of peace can just about be abandoned – regardless of any ‘good’ intentions.

One thing that’s certain, at a time when dark underlord Pluto is suffering such heavy blows to his administrative structure and the whole ‘behind the scenes’ type government is that any action at all coming from the Sol/Uranus team in Aries is really going to jeopardise any chance at peace, justice, and smoothly operating affairs. In fact, such is the state of tension already that as observers of this cosmic dance, we can only strap ourselves in for more setbacks, contradictions, reversals, disruptions, disasters and if we’re not lucky, complete and utter catastrophes of the most unprecedented kind…

ok, sounds a bit dramatic. But you’re probably so used to all the shocks and tremors by now…

What can we do? (yes, it’s a bit exciting too…)

We can expect just that. That the unexpected will (and must) go down at times such as these.
Because Sol is involved, it must be so. On all levels, here is the drama upon which the spotlight shines upon, day after day, sure as the Sun rises, there will be light show.

There will be much sudden and (r) evolutionary turns. A striving for independence, freedom and wilfully zealous and unique expressions of willpower are the order of the day in this particular scene. Spectacles of the most bizarre and explosive kind are befitting the very manner in which our hero will draw attention upon himself – acting real cool towards those he wants to impress, and really cold towards those that show little or no respect for him.

Yeah’s a bit crazy. A little out of control you might say. But then, enough with this control thing anyway… that is so Pluto… and as Uranus will teach Sol, that gig is getting old. And enough of the PC crap too, coming from Mr. Jupiter in Libra. That stuff looks so lame from over here, in Aries…

Time to act now… act fast and rad, employ all the latest tools and gadgets, all the new ideas, fire off all the salvos across every which way… show everyone who’s got what it takes to be first, best, most awesomest and most ingenious methods and ways, and since in Aries nobody has any clue about consequence or accountability (except to oneself, only in present tense) then there is simply nothing to lose… ever.

So, here goes….

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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