The Sol Journey: The sextile to Jupiter and Sol’s conjunction to Saturn

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[image – joel sossa]

Sol’s journey through Sagittarius is now beyond the halfway point. By this stage, our hero has characteristically gained considerable command over this domain, and though he has been challenged, he has triumphed only by expressing himself with certainty and seniority. In the land of Sagittarius, he is growing to learn that life’s experiences must somehow be imbued with a higher, greater meaning. Things must not only make sense to him, they must link together in coherent, believable ways. It is not enough for information to be merely logical, it is important that it also sits well with his intuitive centre – his heart of hearts at the end of each and every day. To do this Sol has had to learn to trust his intuition that inner guidance that serves to help him see and integrate what he is currently experiencing into some cohesive system of understanding. Through understanding comes knowledge. With knowledge comes truth. And with truth comes something he can believe.

This builds faith and trust.

Sol’s recent brush with Neptune (Dec 1) has left him somewhat less than sure about what’s true and what just might be mere fantasy. Was it something in the water supply; those wild mushrooms he ate; those mysterious-looking people that he met? Whatever it was, it has left him confused, dazed, weakened, impressionable to lies deceptions and misconceptions. It has however made him more vulnerable and sensitive. This has been a blessing and a curse along his odyssey for truth. Whether he has been wise or just foolish, he has learned that some things are not what they seem, and though he may have enjoyed the ride as an interesting aversion, he is now seeking to become clearer and return back to his sacred path. It is important that he not only maintains some degree of poise and balance, but that he keeps his feet firmly upon the ground if he is to endure this journey.

Just as he starts to pull himself together, great help does arrive. From the neighbouring land of Libra he is contacted by the friendly and benefic force of Jupiter (Dec 9).

Jupiter, the supreme ruler of Sagittarius is full of tips and encouragement for Sol. From Libra he counsels and coaches our hero with a loving reminder that he is capable of every success that his heart desires and to draw upon his built-in sense of how to approach and unravel even the most difficult problems around him. Sol is reminded too that as long as he remains honest and authentically true that he can always draw upon his instinctive command for perfect justice and natural law. Always knowing how to approach a problem from just the right angle, Jupiter provides our Hero with enormous optimism and a vibrant enthusiasm that reinvigorates his quest with meaningful focus. Immediately, Sol’s self-confidence begins to lift, inflating his spirits to levels where they not only excite him, they rise in no time to exorbitant levels…

Tendencies towards over-exuberance or arrogant behaviour through Sagittarius could lead our hero into spurts and spells where he may haplessly attract disdain or jealousy from those who gather to discredit or to doubt the authenticity of Sol’s intent.

And so it comes, that any undue or unqualified excitement must settle down quite soon indeed. This newfound wisdom turns into sobriety when Sol comes to pass Saturn, who only a few steps ahead has been earnestly traversing Sagittarius himself over the past year.

Saturn, aging, slow, cranky and ailing considerably after a 12-month spell of a mysterious Neptunian condition is himself tender, yet typically morose and stern. He too has learned much about his own ability to keep things real and in a structured, reliable framework. he too has learned, the hard way, that no matter how much of a respectable heavyweight you are in society, you are not exempt to be bowled over by strange and mysterious forces if you take yourself too seriously. If he stands at all, it is a testament to the humbling process that he has undergone to honour his own precious truth. Some of it has been humiliating. But he is Saturn, and he must carry on with his duties and responsibilities to ‘society’

And Sol must shine on.

Together they know that there is some serious business to take care of now. It’s big, it’s wonderfully new and exciting and it’s going to take some strength, discipline, and a whole new sense of authoritative determination but it must be done with the courage to speak one’s unmitigated truth. Even if it does hurt or could potentially be embarrassing or demeaning. They must be mindful not to come across too harsh, Saturn has the effect of making Sol very judgemental and harshly critical, which can be a bit of a downer and no fun. However, one thing they have both learned from their respective squares to Neptune is to ease up and be gentle, especially to the subtleties and nuances that they may have little understanding about. They are both assisted by the learned Jupiter to be polite, fair and exercise a manner of kindness and politeness in meting out the business.

It is time. And so, with time, comes application.
Time for Sol to firmly apply himself, to set an intention which is long-standing, durable and holds some degree of promise to stand true. At least for the next 12 months…

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