Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune

It was not so long ago that our Hero entered the expansive plains of Sagittarius when he is not only able to gallop freely upon terra-firma, but to adopt a new philosophical approach to any pain that he may have received or inflicted upon others through his journey through Scorpio. Although excited by the prospect of exploring this renewed, inflamed passion to venture and express himself in wild, unbridled ways, he still senses the burdensome stigma of having to meet Saturnian in a few days. He knows, to get there, he must adopt a sober, level-footed approach.

10410630_656420911140840_4068287451656200959_nHis first encounter is with Neptune. Here he hears the distant whispers of the empath from the distant land of Pisces. Like the ricocheted cosmic vibrations of a long-forgotten time, messages of “Oneness” and an all embracing impersonal “Love” astound and delight him, and his journey is somewhat distracted as he stops to hear the enchanting and poetic lyrical amusement.

Is he dreaming, or is this real?

Neptune’s ability to read him without words is disconcerting to our Sagittarius Sun who likes to keep his sources worldly and informed from within, preferably backed up with fabled references and academic credentials. Neptune seems able to draw information from unknown places – it’s like this god of the sea is cheating, or elusively drawing knowledge from an infinitely mysterious source. Sol is both equally fascinated and at the same time disturbed at Neptune’s capacity to intuit quite sweeping and yet mysteriously ambiguous summations about who Sol is and where he is heading.

From the fantastical constellation of Pisces, Neptune recants about “past lives”, alien life forms, and relates great tales of promised enlightenment and ascension into the angelic realms, he sources history with a remarkably vivid detail, as if he was there; and chants in hymns about a myriad of alternative worlds and dimensions, all feasible in Sol’s imagination yet none of what he hears sounds terribly reassuring and encouraging at all to where he’s at. He wonders whether he is being distracted or defrayed away from his enormous passion to proceed to learn and to teach his new amazing concepts, yet somehow feels he feels compelled to listen. Maybe there is some truth in what the sea-god says…

They seem to both share a love for an adventure, yet it seems this Piscean Neptune is quite content to escape into himself and travel into vast, imaginary lands, where Sol would rather gather his experience with hooves all firmly trotting upon the turf. In Sagittarius the growth occurs through his projections into lands that he can physically explore, his own assumptions and hypotheses are based on the concepts that he garners through the verity of his own eyes and intuitive desire to integrate things into a neat little system… no leaks or loose ends.

Yet he is stumped and almost stupefied by Neptune’s whole-hearted vision. And though he doth protest with all manner of brashness and even boorishly boastful arguments of credible disbelief, he is content to sit and have a drink from these intoxicating waters…

His journey temporarily falls into a state between inebriated confusion and dreamy reverie, he feels he is losing himself, and questions whether the premises of his great arguments for righteous truth are capable of holding water. Whilst Neptune becomes a little overpowered by Sol’s immense sense of cock-sure dignity and self-assured righteousness, our Hero reels into a state of disbelief and wonder, depleted and diminished in both confidence and vitality. He is left to ponder whether his own beliefs are as true as all the others that may be.

Stuff to ponder. And it’s hard with his head now so confused, inebriated by the vastness of infinite other possibilities… and how will he get pull himself together to be sober and still enough for his meeting with Saturn in a few days. He understands that though he is feeling somewhat disoriented, misguided and disappointed by the concepts which he so fervently followed to be true, this is a moment just to rest, and sleep it off, and perhaps in his dreams he may find answers to prepare him for the long journey ahead.

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