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Horoscopes for the Planetary Bowl – December 2016


cradleAll through December, much of the planetary activity will be confined between 20°♎34  (Jupiter)  – 20°♈34′ (Uranus) who are forming an exact opposition on December 26th. This, in effect creates a bowl-shaped pattern, where most of the planetary energies are focused in the social signs of the zodiac, with the culminated energies strong around Sagittarius and Capricorn. A phenomenal time of social upheaval, exciting, potent and in many ways revolutionary due to the stressful activity between the Jupiter/Uranus opposition which brings out the irrepressible urge for freedom and independence in just about everyone, even those who may not necessarily want it. There will be several ‘hot moments’  this month, and so will need to keep referring to this reading, the first is around 5-6 December when Moon/Mars conjunct in Aquarius to create a special cradle.

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