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The Week Ahead – April 10-16

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With four planets now retrograde (☿,♀,♃, ♄), Venus stationing near Chiron/squaring Saturn and the explosive effects of a  ♃/♅/ ♇ cardinal Full Moon – this week delivers on all the tension promised in last week’s report, and then some. So many unexpected twists and turns in the plot, now made ever more personal, start to affect our entire nervous systems. The wise and purposefully mindful might have heeded last week’s hint to not engage in the drama that is unfolding; to sit in their centre; employ a vigilant sense of peripheral benevolence, kindness and personal well-being. However, even to those, this world can be a very testing experience this week.

Here are the main transits the week…..

  □ ♇ Sunday Apr 09 00:45 am Sun 19°♈22′ Square Pluto 19°♑22′
  Sunday Apr 09 11:07 pm Mercury 04°♉51’℞ Stations to Retrograde
  ☌ Ce Monday Apr 10 07:30 am Mars 22°♉15′ Conjunction Ceres 22°♉15′
☽ ☍ ☉ Tuesday Apr 11 06:09 am Moon 21°♎33′ Opposition Sun 21°♈33′
  □ Vs Tuesday Apr 11 04:22 pm Uranus 24°♈19′ Square Vesta 24°♋19′
  ∗ Vs Friday Apr 14 00:27 am Mars 24°♉51′ Sextile Vesta 24°♋51′
  ☌ ♅ Friday Apr 14 05:30 am Sun 24°♈28′ Conjunction Uranus 24°♈28′
  □ Vs Friday Apr 14 07:28 pm Sun 25°♈02′ Square Vesta 25°♋02′
  SD Saturday Apr 15 10:16 am Venus 26°♓ 55′ SD Sun
  ∗ Ch Sunday Apr 16 12:23 pm Mars 26°♉35′ Sextile Chiron 26°♓ 35′

It is true, with so much retrograde vibe in the planet-waves, the world is really being forced to take a good look at itself, come face to face with the decisions it has taken. Chances are, as retrogrades dictate, that we take an internalised approach to what is going on. This is good for self-reflection but if we do not remain centred and clear, then we may easily take things personally and wig out into shame, guilt and blame – not only upon ourselves but unto others.

Yes my friends, we are in it now, well and truly. This schism of consciousness has so arguably shifted us into two such distinct levels of awareness that those still with me now are either convinced, intrigued or simply confounded altogether by what is going on, both around, and deep inside themselves.

If we trek as far back as 2013, these weekly cosmic reports have consistently been relaying one main underlying message to us: that the world which we are experiencing is reaching an absolute point of divergence in its capacity for spiritual awareness. This has had little or nothing to do with religion, or reaching enlightenment through chanting mantras and following gurus (alone). This shift in consciousness has come to this planet through the refinement of Spirit Light, and it is our capacity to see ourselves – our false identities and those of others. Choosing to acknowledge that, at centre, we are aware of our own being; conscious of our own sense of awareness; the extent of our personal power; our keen ability to see and to say with certainty that ‘this concerns me’, or ‘this has nothing to do with me at all’, and then to act upon this.

This is a special skill. The ability to just check in with the ‘inner self’ and get a ‘second opinion’ on how the external world – your customs, traditions, expected role – is constantly trying to tell you is right/wrong, good/bad for you to invest in.

This is you witnessing the world of moral judgments and noting how being overly critical is not only unhelpful, it perpetuates stubborn, fixed attitudes which lead to harmful or negative consequences. Mercury’s retrograde, now back through Taurus, then Aries (Apr 20) leads that with some degree of mindfulness, surface judgments and hasty appraisals are best avoided altogether.

During the retrogrades plenty of examples will surface to re-mind us where we have perhaps taken a judgmental stance; a self-righteous or presumptuous point of view, then passed an opinion which has only created awkwardness or suffering either for ourselves or for others (or both).

This Libra Full Moon (Tuesday) at 21°33‘ is tightly aligned along the separating Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto Cardinal T-square axis. It now punctuates any tendency to cast broad, calculated judgments, opinions, unsolicited advice and diplomatic views etc. upon others. We are all subject to them – it is a natural result of huge imbalances caused by months of shocking and unusual activity. This Full Moon’s conjunction to Jupiter inflates feelings to become exaggerated, hunches become expressed as assumptions and generalisations about fairness, or ‘justified’ insecurities, leading to grossly out of proportion arguments and messy innuendo. Set against the Aries Sun/Uranus conjunction, these will be met with fiery lightning bolts of opposition where unreserved, sudden and violently hasty resistance, attempts to quickly overthrow any sign of deeply entrenched opinions and ideological positions. With Pluto at the mid of this T-square action, the strong-arm forces of extreme power, often beyond our control, may swoop down and try to seize the situation for themselves.

It is questionable just how much of this is happening on a conscious level now. The world seems gripped under such a binding spell now, that the forces of fate seem to be seizing the moment to radically steer humanity into an ever darker direction. By our own persistent unsettlement in the physical domain, humanity is now revealing that, on some level, there is collective urge to transform the entire framework of ‘civilisation’. The more disruption, now happening at global levels, the more we are saying that we are ready to undergo the changes we must make. Yet, as global as it seems, the action begins at a most local level – with each individual. In a strange domino effect, what will unravel between us now is the phenomenon where, whenever one feels out of balance with their own sense of emotional security, they are unconsciously prone to inflict their disease/discomfort upon the next, thus creating a disruptive chain of events that can only ever cease when everything has toppled over.

How to avoid getting caught up in the fracas? Easy. Apply lots of your newfound inner awareness to consciously choose not to engage. Do not play a part. Remain whole. Be total.

The world around you will constantly try to drag you down into the fold of drama and lower-self (ego) energetic entanglements. You may unwittingly play along with passing out the judgments and the blame. When we acknowledge (through empathy) that whenever we become engaged in evaluating someone else’s actions or personality without truly understanding where they are coming from; their perspective; history; the experiences they bring to affect the current situation, we are potentially going to create an energetic imbalance. This is a form of ignorance. And sadly, ignorance does not see ignorance. It just reacts.

Whenever we pass absolute, idiosyncratic and relative opinions; try to influence or forcibly persuade the direction of others; condemn or exalt somebody’s person instead of their deeds; dish out shallow, uninformed, uneducated, stereotypical comments; waft into overly optimistic (or pessimistic) views and appraisals, then we injuriously sign ourselves up to the judgmental, arrogant world of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’.

The Venus/Chiron conjunction squaring Saturn all this week shows that we are fast learning that those self-righteous arbiters who howl and scream moral judgments against others are only hiding the noise of their own hypocrisy. Everybody is wounded. Society is sick. By today’s definition, to become a successful member of society usually means to have let go of our capacity to love, accept, and befriend those around us because of a need to constantly be better than others. This world of separation; this Saturnian world of limitation; definition by 3D external constraints; this cold, hard, existential domain of the physical universe allows for nothing but judgment and fear.

We are greater than these ‘bit parts’ in somebody else’s version of reality.

This week, remember that whilst it’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people, it does not necessarily give us the right to deny, resist or retaliate over any sense they might make. Nor does it give us any ‘right’ to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because we don’t like what they are saying, or they are being too emotional. People are prone to take things personally. They may not have a means, a voice, the strength or inclination to retort to your accusation. Learn to exercise compassion for those around you, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is usual or comfortable.

And have an amazing week xx

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