Sol conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Square Uranus in Aries

10486269_10152825728252731_4077011772848504177_oAs Sun trudges awkwardly on over the precariously rocky terrains of Capricorn, he senses an overwhelming darkness looming. His knees are wretched from the climb, his bones are aching from the burdens that he carries, and though at times he has made the odd mistake, he quickly learns to be ever so careful where to place the next step. “Steady footing, steady footing, old boy…” he mumbles to himself. One does not wish to look ridiculous in the land of Capricorn.

Up ahead he sees another character, Pluto. He seems dark, intense, foreboding. Dressed in black, cloaked and hooded, his face is obscured completely. Yet, this stranger seems much more determined than any he had seen, his own climb to the top of the heap looks tremendously professional, his entire operation has a corporate edge and seems magnificently well-organised, and the industriousness quite controlled by an echelon of slaves earnestly chipping away at the side of the mountain, forming an amazing superhighway for their master to ride. As he rides along on his grand chariot, he holds the power of terror in a firmly clasped whip, sparing no hesitation to apply a smart, lethal lashing to anyone who dares to flinch or falter in their focus upon the task at hand.

Our Hero is taken aback. He is startled. He wonders whether this is how one has to go to make it to the top. The Plutonian operation seems so imposing, so forceful and indeed quite threatening. Is this the kind of competition he must face at the top?

He bolsters himself up. His brow becomes furrowed and he begins to knuckle down for some serious business. He is determined to exert more control over his situation, he knows that he must either defeat or make firm alliances with any such competition if he is to get any further. It seems he has to either work with or against the corrupt forces that are swirling around him, paying special awareness to maintain a mastery over himself so he does not lose control. He really senses a growing sense of rage and mania creeping over him in his plight to achieve his goal. Overwhelmed by a desire to exert his own prestige and power, he mindfully chooses to maintain a smooth and easygoing exterior, whilst deep inside him is a boiling cauldron of strength, determination and desire to succeed at all costs – a desire which he knows cannot be shaken.

Yet, as he takes his next step he becomes aware of an almost electrifying resistance.It is coming from Uranus, in Aries. This freaky guy is seriously against any conventional way of getting ahead. He seems to only denigrate our Hero’s newly adopted efforts as “oppressive” and “totalitarian”. Armed with a cell phone and a laptop computer, this anarchistic rebel generates immense resistance to the Hero’s forceful new ways of operation by trying desperately to pervert Sol’s objective by the self-centred use of this technology. It seems that there has been some conflict between Pluto and Uranus for some time and both are practiced at the game of control/rebelliousness.

Sol sees them both as equally ambitious, and each have developed quite advanced tactics from warring each other, particularly in the area of applying innovative ways to assert individual power.

Uranus is obsessed with promoting his own unique avatar online by trying to astound and provoke the thoughts of others with his own ideas, spending hours connecting to the world-wide web to see what’s trending (is it him??), whilst simultaneously, in true essence, becoming socially disconnected. Such is the Aries way – anti-social and self-servingly aggressive, and in his war against Pluto in Capricorn (which appears to be going on for 2-3 years now) he has developed an obsession to assert his online status, almost incessantly.

Yet the monstrous Pluto, still acceding to reach the Capricornian peak, has gained complete mastery over the internet and turned it into a thriving business. His executive slaves are not only the mere shells of human beings, but lately he has been employing robotics and some of the most powerful supercomputers available. Comprehensive control is becoming easier, faster and certainly allowing the ruler of the Underworld to remain even more faceless, hidden and secretive about his designs for further corruption and world domination.

And so whilst Uranus is busy with his status updates, and Pluto is mercilessly pressing everyone to propel him upward and onward, Sol is suddenly enlightened and energised to how he must continue his own great journey here.

DarwinHe knows that to compete with what is going on here is madness. The systems set up by Pluto are too massive and impossible to infiltrate. He can never get to the top through those channels, no matter how hard he works, no matter how ambitious, conniving and schemingly well he plays their game. And he is not too impressed with what Uranus perceives to be the promotion of his sense of individuality, although he is somewhat inspired by the use of innovative means of expression. He fastens himself for a fiercely tumultuous passage through these next few days.

In the end he knows that he is still the Hero, and a true hero finds innovative ways to generate his own power – he does not need to suck it out of others. His success will be on his own merits, it will be personal and it will leave a legacy which demonstrates his ability to apply himself creatively, without compromise to his integrity and honour. And yes, there will be upsets, even shocks to test him.

But Uranus is only concerned about himself in Aries. And whilst in Capricorn, our Hero’s responsibilities to society are much greater.

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  1. Love the way you put it across in a story , thank u , I smiled

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