Symbols of the Reconstruction: FULL MOON at 29°37′ AQUARIUS – Sunday, Aug 22 2021, 12:03 UTC

At the height of this Full Moon, our primal energies pull apart. There is an incongruency between the will and the emotions; an instinctive urge to pull away from the source, often reflected in our relationships.

The Leonine will is strong, authoritative and certain about what it wants, a quality that is automatically offputting to the Aquarian Moon, whose instinct for humanitarian sharing and collectivism are amplified in this event by the conjunction with Jupiter. Here, in Aquarius, the great benefic god lends a tremendous boost to all things ‘noble’ and ‘good’, which to the proud, entitled Leo Sun amounts to nothing but a bunch of group-imposed rectitude and distastefully arrogant mob morality. Scuffles and protests ensue, as this is the second lunation to present these themes in the past month, due to their happening at the critical (anaretic) first and last degrees of these outgoing fixed signs. Two successive lunations in the same sign are often trying to drive a point home, in case we don’t get it. I converted this at length in my article last month (see Symbols of Inequity – FULL MOON at 01°26′ AQUARIUS)

There isn’t much one can do to taint or tarnish the shimmering magnificence of Sol in his sign of dignity. We can learn to compromise. Regardless of the collective weight and gravity of Jupiter and Saturn, now retrograding in the sign of group consciousness, the Sun in Leo dominates. He will have his way, and whilst he must learn to respect the proletariat point of view, there is something in all of us that bows to those who hold firmly to their intent to remain unchangeable and unmitigatedly true to the spirit and integrity of their enterprise. Squares to Uranus in Taurus have also complicated the unrest and sudden twists of fortune in the kingdoms.

When we look at our world today, we see the stark disparity and social dissociation between the object of our attention and its inability to fall into line with the group pressure and dogma. We both marvel and disdain at the individual’s insistence to stand away from the pack and remain as its own, empirical entity. The recent opposition to Saturn has brought much curse and judgement upon the Leo Sun.

Yet Leo remains unbroken, triumphantly singular. His strong individualistic tendencies refuse to succumb to even the harshest admonishments and constraints imposed upon him by the herd morality. Leo reminds us to always stand boldly in our integrity; maintain the flame; the inner source of our abundant creativity and self-esteem. It is, in essence, who we are, and of course, we become offended when this light is denigrated or insulted.

For our interest and preservation during these times of rapid reform and social reconstruction, we will do best if we pay mind to the context of the prevailing group ideals and ideologies. Here, we are invited to honour every individual’s right to stand in their own sovereign beauty and magnificence too, for this is what drives our interest in one another and in the truest collective sense, develops the society of folks with whom and among we want to live.

There has been much discussion in my cosmic tribe about how this has played out in our world over the past few weeks, as well as where it appears to be leading us, particularly in the weeks and months ahead. We continue the astrological narrative on the cosmic bus and regular podcasts, and for your personal guidance, I have outlined where the emphasis of these energies lies in your own chart in your empowering horoscope messages.

Blessings to you all, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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Many blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx

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