Since last week’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction, it looks like the genie’s out of the most problematic bottles in our world. Saturn’s ability to slow down and condense any form of energy into physical matter ushers us into a ‘reality’ where we must take responsibility for the way we use, exploit or abuse all elements of our natural environment. In the Sun/Mercury/Ceres/Saturn/Pluto stellium, we start to see how much ‘mind control’ is institutionalised and administered to all through those who stand as supreme authorities on the planet’s resources and how they nurture and support us.

Whilst these ‘controls’ may be super-obvious to those few who are highly attuned to all the signals of propaganda and gaslighting, it is also super-obvious that many more are super-oblivious to their implicit part in a system which, although unsustainable and cruel, continues to blindly perpetuate the pain, misery and suffering of to so many species, including the human kind.

In advance of Friday’s Aquarius New Moon (progressive new beginnings and reforms) the Sun (conscious awareness) will square ruler Uranus (acceleration into present tense) at 04°-05° of fixed signs.

The tension caused upon this earth by this alignment stirs up surreptitious subliminal convulsions, sending affected individuals into a sudden frenzy and the earth into quakes and quivers. Our social behaviour becomes radicalised, where the intrinsic tone of the wild, highly-charged and volatile Uranian energy can become mishandled to the point of extreme destructiveness.

Meanwhile, out in the outer orbits, ERIS (natural selection) is causing utter devastation with her squares to Saturn/Pluto/CERES (evolution of agricultural megastructures) and opposition to JUNO (trad. marriage/partnerships).

The Capricorn Sun enters Aquarius on Monday, squaring Uranus on Thursday. If anything, it provides a personal foreshadowing of what the end of this year has in store for all society when Jupiter and Saturn shift into Aquarius (Dec 2020) then square Uranus (Jan 2021).

Thing won’t be easy. The square creates a very problematic situation. If there is no suitable channel for this highly frustrated energy to be released, it could erupt into an aggressive, potentially violent form of expression.

With the anarchic, anti-conformist Uranus in Taurus (2019-2026), the insurgency and resistance, the rebellion and the revolution does not come from the ‘progressives’ and the ‘futurists’. It comes from the traditionalists and neoconservatives who wish to re-introduce basic values of older times in ever more uncompromising and firm ways. In reaction to this, anti-traditional forces grow in strength as many will try to resist not mere ideas but measures to revert to simpler, more fundamental values. We see it now, but it becomes a massive deal by this time next year.

Uranus was last seen in Taurus between 1935-1942. Similar to the economic devastation and social division left among many today by the GFC (Global Financial Crisis of 2007–08), the people of the early 1930s suffered tremendous economic and self-worth setbacks due to the post-traumatic effects of WW1 and the 1929 Market Crash.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius mind to work out that when folks are down, they’re more prone to follow anyone who promises them vague gibberish of prosperity and enrichments. Just observe your average Tony Robbins audience – usually down’n’desperate seekers, starved for some of Tony’s down-home recipes of “hope” and “pick-me-up” goodness. At least those folks are looking for a positive way forward. At least they’re making an effort to get out of the ditch…

Generally though, in the fallout of extremely difficult economic times, most people talk about the future with increasing condescension. They sound increasingly anachronistic and anti-historical. They talk about a reversion to past values and traditions, refusing to see how this is just an alibi for their defeat. The simplest of the bunch will seek the simplest answers. From this rises the most hypnotic demagogue whose rhetoric appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Uranus is in his FALL (greatest detriment) in Taurus. The reason for this is that unshifting Taurus impedes Uranus’ attempts to build the present tense (what most people consider ‘the future’), often insisting that it be according to some blueprint from a past age of former glory. Unfortunately, this simplistic approach usually becomes the architecture of our ruin.

The Volkshalle or “People’s Hall” was a proposed megastructure by German architect Albert Speer and Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler. The great dome design was part of Nazi Germany’s attempt to recreate an ancient Roman Pantheon, in the style of Emperor Hadrian.

Stagnation and complacency of fresh ideas and action is too easy to propagate under Uranus in the fixed/earth and, as we shall see heading into this week’s squares from the Aquarius Moon, any talk of rebuilding the past already places one foot in the grave. Uranus’ radical conservatism hence becomes the fallen faith of the living dead. Traditionalism is usually what gives tradition a bad name.

We must be cautious about romanticising past models. They belong to the past for a reason. Hence, the “end of the world” is never really much more than the end of an illusion about how drab, boring and toxic the past was…

The Saturn/Pluto Sun has been made uncompromisingly stiff and unyielding. His agenda is dialled toward massive reconstruction – an ambitious drive to have his way and this determination, albeit ruthless, seems like the only way to get the kind of results he sees fit, not only for himself but for all those to whom he feels responsible.

Uranus doesn’t see it so. An erratic round of retaliatory measures throbs there underskin, just waiting to unleash at any random moment. There is a stubborn will to break for freedom and independence.

All plans and promises concerning important matters will become upset.

They have to.

Nothing can stand quite as it did.
Nothing would want to.
That other world is gone forever.
Any plans or efforts to return to that again seem stupid and regressive.

Yet, the extreme pressure of SATURN/PLUTO – whether it’s coming from our friends, family, our environment, even our dearest enemies is there to somehow squeeze out your highest potential. It’s hard to see the benefits right now, and it takes much awareness to see how authoritarian mind-control techniques are hazardous to mental well-being in ways that try to bypass rational thought.

Mass-media gaslighting, marketing-guru brainwashing, religious cults, self-help movements, and totalitarian government propaganda share one common basis. They employ similar techniques to confuse, intimidate and disempower people. These methods are used by abusers for the purpose of controlling and exploiting people, promoting their selfish agendas.

Gaslighting tactics include anti-intellectualism, xenophobia, dissent as heresy or treason, minority scapegoating, militarisation and warmongering, control of the mass media, hostility towards scholars, academics and mystics, sexism and racism. These are the kinds of strategies employed by skilled demagogues, whose totalitarian agendas for authoritarian takeover will stop at nothing.

Sun/Mars on the Uranus/Neptune: Soul-Shock, Trauma, and Dissociation

For the past 2-3 years, Uranus has been in semi-square to Neptune. Ideas that may once have seemed shocking or unimaginable have slowly entered our collective consciousness, not so much to win over the public mind but to alarm us. While the indoctrination process has been gradual, these ideas have varied anywhere from a sense of repetitive shock to outright traumatic stress response.

Gradually, absurd ideas have entered the norm in a way that makes it impossible for normal people to integrate it into their thinking. Meanwhile, those already victim to shock and trauma are likely to adopt and hypernormalise absurd experiences into a soul-dissociating stupor or a “zoning out” from reality.

Similar to the “ritual abuse”, as seen in the brainwashing of cult followers and in other abusive situations, this continual slide away from one paradigm to another develops into mental states where critical thinking, questioning and judgment are made impossible. Meanwhile, mechanisms are slowly put in place which puts the victims under a constant state of duress, fear and insecurity, compounding the emphasis of control almost exclusively on the abuser.

Classic Uranus/Neptune signs are confusion, assumed conformity, and loss of self, where everything you thought you knew about your world – social institutions, traditional values, science etc. seem no longer true nor false; where alternative sources of news and information take over.

This depersonalising process is made starkly more obvious, more accented in our affairs by the end of the week with the New Moon/Mars contact. Internal states of parallel unreality, where individuals seem hypnotically lulled into lateral dimensions like on they’re on some weird psychedelic journey down the proverbial rabbit hole indicates just how gone some people are from this society.

Of course, we’re not just talking about the odd individual here. With Saturn/Pluto, we’re talking about an epidemic, where the most insane are leading entire nations of paranoid maniacs into a collective state of progressively regressive stupor.

And you? What makes you so sure you’re not part of all this madness?

The intuitive heart knows.
It’s always known the real truth.
The clever mind just got in the way.
Its interests, rather, to delude, avoid the truth
because to go there would be inconvenient
and bothersome; produce much trouble at stake, for it may mean a change of self rather than of the world it sees.
The clever mind denies what’s real, it’s trained itself to rather trust in falsehoods and inaccuracies. The clever mind has usurped power over the fool’s own intuitive heart.
Unconsciously he translates what he hears into something he can understand, something that suits his one-track narrative.

The clever mind is clever, but not very wise.
It leads the fool to the brink of his world’s demise.
The bombshell is about to drop…
Is too late for him to be’come wise?

We’ll continue this complex delineation during the week in my fortnightly lunation newsletter with tips on how to stay sane. Meantime, avoid becoming swallowed into the power vortex of hyper-normalisation by falling victim to extreme, ever more divisive right/left mainstream narratives. Also, look out for your crucial empowering messages and special intentions for this earth-shakingly exciting New Moon.

Blessings for now, and have a most amazing week xx

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  1. I have no idea how I came across this! It is the most compelling piece I’ve read about this placement to date. Bravo! And thank you.

  2. Ang, thank you so much for sharing your talented wording and detailed astrological comprehension. I have greatly enjoyed your articles the past 5- 6 years since i first ran across your page. Though ive missed many of them, each that i’ve read has been spot on for me, and certainly for a great multitude of others as well. I am with great hope that, being the Taurus that i am, and given my past, (which this article seemingly handpicked as an example),and my current life scenario, i can let my clever mind humble down before it is too late. I am also with great hope and concern that it will become wise in it’s stead.

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