[art: eolo perfido]


Power is intoxicating. It goes straight to one’s head and whether it’s procured from wealth, political status, sex appeal or hereditary title, in the hands of the disturbed, the unwise and irresponsible it can create a hell on earth. And it has…

So why is it even still necessary? Well, we can talk about it forever but power is a necessary driver to the human evolutionary cause. We all either seek to suppress or express our deepest, darkest needs – not just to survive but to thrive. All of us have specific ways which we both handle and succumb to power. The delicious or perhaps frightful thing is that we never quite know what to do with it and how it will make us feel, both to possess it and to be possessed by it. Even those who claim mastery have enormous troubles with power and as we know, once we have had even the slightest brush with it, our lives are never quite the same.

One thing’s for certain; we are all born with it in our genes because, by definition – at the most atomic level – it is the very thing that’s guaranteed our progenitorial succession here; the thing that will selectively generate our own offspring, shape history, fashion cultures, mete out fortunes, wars, famines and traumas, and in the end ensure that we each perish and befoul into mere worm food or some ashes…

Ruled by Pluto, we currently witness how power is palpably embedded and imbued into everything that matters under Saturn’s governance of time and space. The power race is on for the survival of the fittest.

As Venus is the first to nestle herself between the iron clutches of these two conjoining planets, we start to feel how love and beauty is imbibed with power and control, hence what is being borne out of this moment is an aesthetic sense which promises to polarise the way we accept or deny in the most harsh and extreme manner.

Love seizes over, totally, and can metastasise and break us down; change us forever as we evolve into renunciate superbeings or debase into monsters so deviant and anomalously grotesque that we frighten even our own selves by the debauchery of our own cursed and distorted manias…

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