Astrology Aspects

We are excited to announce we have begun work on constructing an archive of astrology aspect delineations for those enthusiasts and students who want to delve deeper into the celestial realms.

At present this will be a compilation of Ang’s past work, which has explored the transits as they have happened, though it must be stated that these interpretations often take into consideration the complete picture of their  unique historical moment. It is, however, a valuable resource not only for those seeking to understand their own natal charts, transits that they may be going through, but also how certain stellar influences combined may go towards interpreting the dynamics of our interpersonal relationships (synastry/composite charts).


Planetary Aspects

The Sun         The Moon        Mercury        Venus         Mars

 Jupiter           Saturn             Uranus        Neptune       Pluto

The North and South Node

The Moon’s Journey through the Signs of the Zodiac


Exploring the Zodiac

Aries         Taurus         Gemini       Cancer       Leo      Virgo

Libra   Scorpio    Sagittarius      Capricorn     Aquarius     Pisces


The Asteroids in Astrology

Juno    Ceres   Pallas Athene    Chiron


The Solstice

The Equinox






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