Neptune opposition Juno conjunct Moon in Virgo

Neptune opposition Juno conjunct Moon in Virgo

With Juno, goddess of balanced marriage forming highly pronounced planetary aspects all of this last month, issues of devotion and marriage have come under particular focus. Much debate and discussion on what is considered right, equal and fair in our committed relationships has come into question for most of us, even among those who are neither engaged nor interested in marital affairs.moon opposition neptune, moon opposition juno, moon conjunct juno, juno astrology aspects, juno moon aspects, juno neptune aspects

In fact there has been a diametric polarisation toward extreme views and opinions on this subject.

As we have already entered an age of increasingly individualised social realism, we are also striving to understand our own collective interconnection to one another. On a physical level we are easily jacked off with inequitable and boorish behaviour from demanding and uncompromising pigs. Especially if we find ourselves in significant relationship to them.
Meantime, internally, many of us are seeking a kind of ultimate social utopia. We can sense how our artistic, spiritual and romantic pursuits could easily bring us such immense satisfaction and how increasingly these are to the exclusion of having to account to that ‘significant other’, the one whose incessant physical peculiarities and particular demands and opinions are… well.. kinda boring us to death at times.


Originally Published ~ 19/07/2015

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