Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune

Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune

And so…

In this period between eclipses – since Saturn’s re-entry into Sagittarius – the hard push has been to ditch the last of our past attachments and psychological accoutrements and boldly walk our own journey without any of that self-destructive baggage.

It’s not been easy. There have been relapses into our sweet old compulsions but they have only threatened to be PISCES MOON conjunct NEPTUNEmore catastrophic to our growth.

It’s a precarious time now.

You are most sensitive and prone to fall most deeply into the abyss. There is no safety net.

Don’t get distracted or dissuaded from your path. You are almost there.
And there’s no turning back…

A new earth awaits you…


Originally Published ~ 26/09/2015

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