Moon conjunct Vesta-Chiron in Pisces

Moon conjunct Vesta-Chiron in Pisces

A cleansing ritual to clear away negative energy that magnetises itself into your emotional body.

1. Understand that negativity only enters your emotional field through your negative thoughts/ideas.
2. Identification of thoughts as negative energy allows you to stop these from circulating over in your mind. Do not accept negativity from external sources – if you have, now drop it immediately. These thoughts are NOT yours. They belong to another time/place.
3. Re-mind yourself here, to this place, breathing yourself back into your body.
4. Come to this present moment.
5. Become aware of your connection to the source.

moon conjunct vesta, moon conjunct chiron, moon chiron aspects, moon vesta aspects, moon chiron astrology, astrology readings, ang stoic,Each thought that circles around your heart is like a cutting sword that threatens deeper to distract you from a place of certainty and kindness.

Find a quiet space now. Breathe yourself back into your centre, and breathe all ill thoughts out, till you surrender to your inner wisdom and just know.

Become certain.

You are ok.


Originally Published ~ 14/05/2015

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