Mars opposition Chiron

Mars opposition Chiron

The domesticated male must delve into his own, uncomfortable source of his aggression and irritability in his journey to restore balance and composure to his frustrated need to assert his masculinity.

He cannot run from his own feelings of anger. That blind frustration he is experiencing must be dealt with in a brave and direct manner. It is no longer welcome in its current raw and unsophisticated state.

The human body is rapidly resonating on an entirely different wavelength. The customary manner with which we have applied personal force needs to be seriously addressed. Those passive-aggressive or indirect ways of expressing our anger and our need for separateness from others through focusing on our specific work, hiding behind the great noble drama of socially-sanctioned competitive behaviour amongst each other will no longer stand in a world that is strongly beckoning for a more co-operative and humble approach within teamwork.

The call for counselling, guidance and healing in just how to push ourselves into our relationships without becoming confrontational or hostile is becoming ever more critical as it resounds with awful residues of personal pain. These must be healed.

The therapeutic way of today’s shaman, a being who is himself evolving into a spiritual transducer of primal sexual forces, is beginning to take a prevalent presence in our everyday domain. His advanced methods and tools of healing are starting to filter into every level of our society. It is with a spirit of whole-hearted understanding and compassion that today’s spirit warriors are serving to soothe and unlock the pain of separation.

Compassion and understanding – not blind resistance or aversion – are the medicine of our day.

We are treading into unchartered territory. Only with a conscious effort to accept alternative methods towards converting our current, anti-social ways of assertive masculinity into mindful co-operation can we ever hope to find a resolution to our latent source of anger.

Our traditional ways, imposed by an antiquated domesticated culture, are only leading us to heated conflict or hostility. They are not welcome, nor can they be combated by mirroring hostility with more conflict. War is not the answer.

The resolution – the precious key to unlocking any resistance – lies in our capacity to improve communications and interactions in our relationships by mildly identifying anger and as a passive-aggressive reaction to feeling threatened.

Essentially it is the fear of engaging in a kind co-operation with others that breeds war between us.

This must be addressed now.…/chiron-goes-direct-23rd-november-13p…/

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  1. Thank you for this. So powerful. Love the angle from which this piece was crafted.

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