Chiron opposition Juno

Chiron opposition Juno

So here we are. Another fork in the road – this time between what constitutes traditional matrimony with all its securing economic spoils and its sound domestic practicalities, versus the desire to know and enjoy a totally unbridled connection to our spiritual awareness, one that will never kowtow to the suffocating mercy of excruciatingly pedantic constraints. We’re talking of a marriage that fully supports and celebrates your animalistic spirit to come alive and become one with greater nature… YOUR higher nature… your soul, baby!

Oh, fuck. Do we really have to choose now??

Ok, old school marriage has its functional usefulness, and certainly there is a case that it makes it easier to raise and educate the kids, have a cool house, a neat little retirement portfolio, etc….

But that doesn’t necessarily make it the wiser, healthier, more holisitcally in-tune choice.

Damn it!!

Why’s it so impossible to just……

Hang on!…wait….

Isn’t it possible to have both?

Or are the two mutually exclusive?
Such is the polarisation of the the argument of what constitutes a modern, healthy marriage spouse (practical vs spiritual) that we are indeed splitting into all sorts of argument, even acrimonious dissent on the matter. Neptune’s slow progressive march through Pisces over this next decade will eventually persuade that the trend will be to go the holy, high priest/ess way in our relationships.

But at what cost? We live in a material world of bills, mortgages, practical necessities, physical comfort and general upkeep and maintenance

Is it fair or satisfactory to diametrically divide these two extremes between the partners, or is that a recipe for animosity, anxiety and depression.

In truth, each of us wants a partner who not only contributes to the daily grind of routine and domestic order but also is attuned to their own inner voice of wisdom, their sacred centre and that ability to hold holy communion with their divine gender, their instinctive, the intuitive self.

We can have both…
The Sag Moon’s T-square to this opposition says it is the time to at least rouse some serious discussion about these things, to at least make each other aware that finding a balance in these things is vital.

Let the true healing of the wounds of cosmic marriage now begin with this.


Originally Published ~ 25/08/2015

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  1. Brilliant! Thank you. Loved it! It clarified alot.

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