[art: John Brosio]

It’s enough under PLUTO’s square to the NODES to feel like everyone is getting on your nerves; MARS triggering this point from Virgo means we’re ready to fly off the handle, willing to lose everything over the slightest little provocation. One wrong word and it’s BOOM TIME 4 EVA!

On top of this, we have MERCURY OPPOSING SATURN. The Full Moon vibes aren’t helping to ease things either, and it feels like the entire world is on the brink of exploding into a collective case of road rage.

Amid these heightened emotions and tensions, whoever, whatever’s cramping your style to the point of us snatching it, there’s also a silver lining. If wordy clashes and tensions escalate, if you feel mentally strained; caught in a web of overly critical thought processes and inflexible beliefs, then know this: these very conflicts could serve as a catalyst for massive introspection and catabolic growth.

Know this. But do your best not to lose it anyway. If you could take a deep breath, avoid the thermonuclear blast, and harness these moments of conflict as opportunities to question, analyse, and reevaluate your beliefs and attitudes, the world would fall to its feet at your command.